Morris pleased with scrimmage

CLEMSON - Chad Morris discusses improvement with his unit in short-yardage situations and much more from Monday's scrimmage.

How was your offense today in short-yardage?
Morris: Much better today. Actually the last two practices in short-yardage have been a lot better. We were still unable last Friday to convert inside the one-yard line but we've shown a lot more promise. Today was as best as it's been. That's promising. We still are not where we need to be but we are at least stepping in the right direction and not going backwards. It's still a mindset. It's still a mentality. It's something that sometimes you have to yank 'em through a knot hole and make them figure out that this is the way we are going to do it. We are going to be physical and we are going to be tough so I'm proud to see we were able to some things right. Again we are not ready to line up and match everybody up across the country just yet but we are showing some promise.

Was it the play of your offensive line in short-yardage that you were pleased with?
Morris: Yes. It is. They are getting better. They are very athletic. They are showing that at times. When they get gassed a little bit - and the tempo right now is the best it's ever been - we have to make sure that it's the defense that feels the brunt of it (more). Fatigue can make cowards of everybody.

Dabo talked about Tajh responding today. What did you see?
Morris: I thought overall our scrimmage Friday wasn't very good. He made some plays Friday but was very inconsistent. Today he still turned the ball over too much. We had two turnovers today but we will get those straight and we'll get those cleaned up. That's the thing- maybe you aren't clicking in a scrimmage early but you can reserve the right to kick. If every drive ends in a kick you are going to win in a lot of football games. The thing that intrigued me the most from Tajh was how he responded. I didn't tell him much today and he worked through it. He had his back against the wall and showed toughness after those two interceptions. We took it two times and drove the length of the field and that was good. Top Stories