Venables assesses LBs, defense

CLEMSON - Brent Venables discusses Monday's scrimmage and the latest at linebacker in this video report.

Your thoughts on what you saw in today's scrimmage?
Venables: I saw probably through about three-fourths of it our guys were ready to practice and were on edge and performed really well, but then in some situationals very inconsistent. But pleased with a good portion of it. Some correctable things to finish. Got to divided a couple of times- let a receiver get behind us. We have to learn to finish and have some more maturing to handle certain situations better.

Darius Robinson has seemingly gotten better the last couple of weeks working against Sammy Watkins. Have you seen that?
Venables: Oh yeah. He hasn't backed down from the challenge. He has great respect for Sammy and all those receivers. He's been in great position and has competed for the ball really well. Tough-minded. Really coachable and hard on himself.

What are some of your thoughts on the linebackers and where they are this spring?
Venables: I think they've definitely improved in their knowledge and fundamentals and technique and their understanding with what we are doing. We are still a work in progress and have a lot of things to work at but I've been pleased with their attitude and the improvement we have made. Top Stories