Q&A with Shukree Barfield

Shukree Barfield became the fifth known verbal commitment to Clemson when he gave his pledge to defensive coordinator John Lovett almost three weeks ago. CUTigers.com caught up with Shukree early Monday to get the exact status of that commitment.

DT Shukree Barfield
6-4, 285, 4.9
Camden High School
Camden, New Jersey

Which position will you be playing on the defensive line?
Barfield: Well I play on both sides of the ball right now, but I know that Clemson wants me on the defensive line, either as a tackle or a defensive end. They want me as a defensive tackle, but if I get my speed up, they'll move me to defensive end.

What are some your strengths as an D-lineman?
Barfield: I'm very fast for a big guy that weighs over 285, and I never give up on any play. I just want to win basically.

What are some of your weaknesses?
Barfield: I know I need to work on my footwork from some more.

What made you go decide to go ahead and commit so early?
Barfield: Coach Lovett talked to my coach and they made me an offer and I committed then. I felt like they have a good program and they treat their players well and if I go there I feel like they'll treat me the same way. I've got some other offers from Penn State, but you know I'm only a junior, so I don't know.

Who was the main coach recruiting you?
Barfield: Coach John Lovett.

Have you been up to Clemson yet? Are you planning on going up for any camps?
Barfield: I'm going down on July 19th. I'm also supposed to go to Tennessee after the season starts. I've got a camp at West Virginia next week, and I've already been to Penn State for the NIKE camp.

What other scholarship offers do you have?
Barfield: Tennessee, Penn State, and Tulane have all offered me scholarships.

If any other schools were to move in with an offer, could that effect your decision to come to Clemson?
Barfield: It could. I have to be honest if a school like Miami were to come in an offer me then I could change my mind.

Any other schools close by that could also put you in that situation?
Barfield: Maybe Ohio State and Syracuse.

What are you latest vital statistics?
Barfield: I'm 6-feet, 4-inches tall, I weigh 285 pounds, and run the 40 in 4.9 seconds.

Publisher's Note
Shukree made it very clear that he is firmly committed to Clemson at the present time, however he also indicated that if any of the three schools mentioned above were to move in with a formal offer, he'd be forced to re-evaluate his situation. When asked if any of those three schools had been in touch with the two-way standout out, he said that he had just received a mountain of mail from them so far and nothing more.

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