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CLEMSON - Spring No. 2 as the offensive coordinator at Clemson is in the books for Chad Morris. So what's next for the Tigers' hurry-up, no-huddle offense?


Morris: Our tempo was good. You try to be as simple as you can. You try to execute base offense, and try to execute it at a decent pace. We could've been faster, should've been faster. I control that. That wasn't on the players. There were some good things that went on. There really was. Finished up a good spring. Now, we have to have a great summer.

How would you evaluate Tajh's play today?

A lot will be placed on Tajh Boyd's shoulders during offseason workouts. (Hale McGranahan)
Morris: I thought he did some good things. I really do. I think he started off strong. I think he made some impulse decision, at times, that resulted in some turnovers and a sack. Those are the things we've got to get better at. That's all the quarterbacks. That's not just Tajh. That's all of them.

Got a lot of work to do this summer, a whole lot of work, he's got to take this football team on his shoulders. He's got to be the leader of this football team every day, starting right now, for this summer. Obviously, we can't be around.

But I thought he did some good things. I really did. I'm excited about him. We've got to get rid of some of the impulse decisions that he makes, but that will come with time. Hopefully, a great summer that he's going to put in.

You're probably not surprised Nuke had another good day today?
Morris: That's kind of sums up how Nuke's spring ball has been. Nuke's probably had as good a spring as any in our receiving corps, very consistent. He's got to learn how to play harder without the ball in his hands. That's going to be our challenge to him. He, too, has to have a great summer. He's earned the right to be a leader on this football team and in that receiving corps. He and Jaron Brown, we have to see that every day this summer from those guys. They've got to hold each other really accountable. I'm excited about Nuke. I'm excited about the future from him.

It is what it is. It's the spring game. Let's get this thing going. We're 140 days from the start of our season. Ask me after that.

Thoughts on Cole Stoudt and Morgan Roberts
Morris:It's been a healthy battle all spring long. They're pushing each other extremely hard, going back and forth. Both made some bad decisions. Obviously, Morgan's decision to throw the ball late on an out cut, it cost him a pick. That was critical. Moving the football, his running ability, I thought he did some really good things. He's been a pleasant surprise this spring. Cole has finished strong. He was very poor, starting out, really lethargic, which caused Morgan to make huge gains on him. I think he felt that, sensed that. He finished strong.

Again, we've got a healthy battle going into fall camp for No. 2. In my opinion, right now, I'd say Cole's got him by a whisker, and I don't know if either one of them has got whiskers yet. Just by a little bit. None can afford to let up any right now.

Biggest concern going into the summer…
Morris: My biggest concern is their ability to work hard this summer with the hunger that they had last summer. If you want to sum it all up, that's it right there. They're going to work hard. Everybody in the country is going to work hard. What are we going to do to increase the gap between the most invested team and the least invested team this summer?

Brandon Thomas has solidified himself as the starter at left tackle. (Hale McGranahan)
I always say the hungry cat hunts best. How hungry are they? That's my challenge to them and will be when we go to our seven-minute meeting here this week. It'll be blunt, straight to the point. Some will like it. Some won't. That's OK. How hungry are we going to be this season? It'll be determined. We'll be able to stand back and determine in late September how hungry we were this summer.

I really feel the leadership is coming on, but it's got to be consistent. Tajh has got to be a consistent leader. Dalton Freeman, those are the guys you've really got to have. Nuke Hopkins, Jaron Brown, Andre Ellington. I don't know if it's a concern or not, but it's something we're going to address. They've had a good spring. I'll tell you that. We've got to have a great summer. The spring don't mean anything, right now. We've done all we can do as coaches. We've got to have a great summer. It starts with No. 10 getting those guys going. He'll be prepared for it. He'll be ready for it. I think he took one day off last summer. Maybe he'll get one off this summer.

You mentioned seven offensive linemen. Who are the first two after the starting five?
Morris: We've got some guys that are going to come on, but I don't want to name everybody right now. I think it's pretty evident. We've got to make sure they're coming in, in shape. Some of those guys in that seven category are really good early on. We run a few plays and they huff and puff and go to the sideline. We've got to get them in shape. They've got to be ready to roll. I'm talking about them, as far as the tempo they go this summer.

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