Tigers Interested in Another Fla QB

A local talented QB is getting a lot of interests from several top schools, including UCF. Kyle Israel has UCF very high on his list and one of his favorites. As of now, seven schools show a lot on interest in him.

Hidden not too far away from the campus of UCF is a local talent.   The 228 lbs QB, Kyle Israel, has a promising future.   Kyle has been a star at the High School the last two years.   Although a two-year starter, Kyle had really blossomed.   Kyle has been the starting QB at his high school where he recorded for nearly 3,000 yards in passing and rushed for 900 yards.  

Kyle is getting interest from several top schools, including UCF. Kyle talked to a lot of coaches from several schools in the past month.   Right now, seven schools show a lot on interest in him.   Clemson, UCF, East Carolina, Auburn , Maryland , Boston College , and Alabama are all on the list.   "Right now I'm really open," said Kyle.   "I haven't narrowed anything down and I'm still wide open."   No one has officially extended an offer to Kyle yet, but they showed a lot of interest in him.   Kyle also said that he'd take his official visits first to see which the best scenario is for him.

Kyle was in contacted with UCF recruiting coordinator Fountain.   UCF is highly interested in Kyle and they told him that he ranks very high on their QB list.   The interest apparently is a mutual.   Kyle told Knights News that UCF is one of schools he highly regarded.   "UCF is very high on my list and I'm very interested in them."   It's hard to blame Kyle for leaned toward UCF more than other schools.   Kyle had attended four of UCF football games last year and he had been to two of UCF football camps in the past.

Adjusting to coaching change last season, Kyle acknowledged that it was a little bit rough.   Kyle thinks that the outlook for this coming season is bright.   He said his team has a lot of skill position guys who are returning plus the favorable schedule will help their season.  

So what is Kyle's outlook for the next season at University High?  

Kyle and his teammates have high expectation for the coming season.   He expects his team, under his guiding, to win the district title.   "Our goal is very high, but reachable at the same time," said Kyle.  

When asked about his personal goal, Kyle has two main personal goals and he has a high standard too.    "I want to throw for at least 2000-2500 yards next season," said Kyle.   But what Kyle really wants is to have good completed percentage.   "I want to have at least 60% of pass completed percentage," said Kyle.   Other skill Kyle will be working during the summer is his scrambling ability.   Nonetheless, the skill to escape the pass rush is something he would love to improve on.   "I want to work on my quickness, and I want to get my 40s time down."

Although Kyle set a high standard on his goal, it's achievable.   With his IQ that he displayed in the classroom, he will likely to achieve that.   A 3.5 GPA student, Kyle does not have to prove that he has a brilliant mind.

So where will this local QB camping this summer?

Kyle has several camps on his schedule that he's interested in attending.   Kyle attended UCF's one-day camp on June 12.   He'll also camp with Auburn and Alabama later in this month for senior camps.   This past May, Kyle attended the Nike Camp in Gainesville.

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