Clemson Visit will be Crucial

With the expansion issue settled for Virginia Tech, Virginia's Brandon Holland now has a clear leader. caught up with the outstanding prospect last night and we've got the latest on his new leader and his updated top 5.

DE Brandon Holland
Northside High School
Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke's defensive star has been watching the ACC expansion issue closely as he was concerned about the impact on Virginia Tech. "Everything is fine now. I was worried about Tech staying in the Big East and losing the BCS berth. I think the ACC will be a great conference now."

Holland is comfortable going on record with Virginia Tech as his leader now that the expansion issue is resolved. The 6-5, 281 pound Northside High School star has also updated his top 5 which now includes Virginia Tech, Clemson, Tennessee, Penn State and Maryland. The Terrapins have replaced Michigan State in his top 5.

When does Holland expect to make a decision? "I'm not sure. I am hoping to be able to commit this summer. I want to take a couple of visits and then sit down with my family to discuss where I should go." Holland also stated that his mom and his coach would prefer for him to attend Virginia Tech because it is close to home.

There is some hope for Tiger fans as Holland plans to visit Clemson after July 4. "I missed the Clemson camp earlier this summer because I had to work. My coach and I plan to get with coach Lovett over the next week and schedule a visit to Clemson for July."

Holland also plans to visit Maryland later this summer before making a decision. will continue to keep you updated on this talented defensive end from Virginia, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories