Thursday's Expansion Links

With formal invitations now extended to Miami and Virginia Tech, there is continuing speculation that another team could enter the expansion mix. Could it be the Notre Dame Fighting Irish?

Atlanta J-C--12th team an option

Atlanta J-C--So much for the grand vision

Raleigh N&O--ACC's new direction

Raleigh N&O--ACC a changed conference

Raleigh N&O--Big price paid to get Canes

Raleigh N&O--Exits may become difficult

Raleigh N&O--Swofford on expansion

Raleigh N&O--Exit policies

Charlotte Observer--ACC asks Miami, Va. Tech--for now

Charlotte Observer--ACC score: 2 invitations, 1 huge mess

Charlotte Observer--Is ACC paving way for Notre Dame?

Charlotte Observer--Will bigger ACC be better?

Charlotte Observer--Miami to meet Thursday to discuss invitation

Greensboro N-R--Miami, Va. Tech suit ACC

Greensboro N-R--Who said expansion was fair?

Durham H-S--ACC invites 2 from Big East

Durham H-S--Swofford can take a breath--for now

Durham H-S--OK, who let the Hokies in?

Durham H-S--If ACC gets 11 schools, is one more on the way?

Winston-Salem Journal--AC-SURREAL: Money power rise to top

Miami Herald--ACC: Invitation now in UM's hands

Miami Herald--Virgina Tech ready to join ACC

Richmond T-D--Tech wants to join ACC--withdraws from lawsuit

Richmond T-D--Money not problem for Tech Obligations will be met

Richmond T-D--Let's add "20 questions" to ACC's fun and games

Richmond T-D--Now comes the hard part for Hokies

Richmond T-D--Suit continues, though roles in case change Hearing is scheduled for today

Richmond T-D--League may not stop at 11 BC or Notre Dame the 12th?

Syracuse P-S (AP)--ACC invites Miami, Virginia Tech to join

Boston Globe--Big East to Big Least overnight Top Stories