Four-star DE grew up a Clemson fan

This four-star defensive end from Louisiana grew up a Clemson and is now starting to hear more from the Tigers as each day passes.

DE Kendell Beckwith profile

Kendell Beckwith admits to being a little surprised by the college football recruiting process. Still, the small town kid with the big time talent has caught the eye of some of America's top football programs.

Despite the influx of scholarship offers, Beckwith remains humble about himself and his impressive offer sheet.

"I have about 30 offers now," said Beckwith. "I never thought this would happen to me. I am not even going to lie about it.

"I thought I might get a few offers, but that would be about it. It's crazy."

Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas A&M and others have extended offers to the versatile Beckwith.

"Clemson just recently got involved with me," said Beckwith. "When I was coming up, they were my favorite school.

"I didn't even know where they were, but I liked them. Now they are recruiting me. That's something else."

The Tigers are one of several programs that are working to stay in contention for Beckwith's signing day autograph, but they will have to beat out SEC heavyweights Alabama and LSU.

"Nothing has really changed," said Beckwith. "It's still Alabama and LSU at the top.

"Alabama has a great school and I love the program. They play great defense and they have an amazing coaching staff.

"I like LSU for some of the same reasons. They are also the in state school and they are competing for championships too.

"I really like Coach Chavis too. He knows what he is doing."

The four star standout continues to call it a dead heat between the two SEC Western division schools.

From the sound of things it may be a while before the deadlock is broken.

"Nobody is pushing me to commit," said Beckwith. "They all understand what I want to do and when I want to decide.

"They are all being patient with me. Nobody is pressuring me or anything like that."

Some might suggest that the home state Tigers have a man on the inside in the form of former LSU linebacker Derry Beckwith.

It appears that the elder Beckwith has taken on more of an advisory role rather than one as a cheerleader for his former school.

"Derry has told me that it would be great if I followed in his footsteps to LSU, but he tells me to make my own decision," said Beckwith. "He told me that LSU is always going to be there and that if I decided to go there that it needed to be because I felt it was the best place for me.

"He is not telling me to go anywhere or telling me not to go to certain schools. He is just there to talk with me when I have questions." Top Stories