Adams talks favorites

Montravius Adams discusses his feelings on Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Clemson. He isn't close to a decision but hopes to narrow his list down a bit after his senior season.

Adams just returned from a visit to Auburn and says he will visit Alabama soon. Ge was very impressed by Auburn and says it's a visit that will stick with him.

"I had a really good time. It was nice to be around the coaches and they gave me a lot of attention. I really like it there and it was a good experience. Auburn will be in my top schools for sure. I probably talk to them and Clemson the most now."

Speaking of Clemson, Adams says he's very close with the CU coaching staff.

"I love those coaches. They are all great. Their strength coach is great too and that's important to me. I like the campus and the feel and how it's like family there. They have really good academics too. That's one thing I want to make sure of. I want to major in business or sports management."

Adams says he has plans to visit Alabama soon although he has not nailed down an exact date as of right now.

"I'm not completely sure when I'm visiting Alabama but I know it's in June. I talk to them a lot and they just say they want me to get back up there and spend time there. They tell me how they will use me in their defense which I like to hear. That defense is pretty dominant so that's big."

The 5-star prospect says he's also in contact with Georgia often.

"I enjoy talking to UGA. They have a cool coaching staff and I think they've really been on a rise. They are my home state school too so I want to give them love. I could see myself there."

Adams says Florida is also in the mix for his services. He likes the laid back personalities on the UF coaching staff.

"They are cool too. I like how things are at UF and I think they could use me early. They want me to come visit soon and I probably will this summer. I'm looking forward to that."

The timetable for Adams' commitment isn't etched in stone by any means. Instead, Adams plans to take it slow and doesn't want to rush an announcement.

"I may narrow it down during or after my season this year and then I'll probably make a commitment close to signing day." Top Stories