COLUMBIA, S.C. - Jack Leggett won't have long to stew on Saturday night's 5-4 loss to South Carolina.

About 16 hours after the gut-wrenching loss to the Gamecocks, Clemson will battle for its postseason life with Coastal Carolina.

"You can't dwell on it right now," Leggett said. "If you do, it's going to leak into tomorrow. If it leaks into tomorrow, you're in trouble."

The interference call… "We played 62 ball games and haven't had one call like that all year. It's just a tough time for that to come to surface. Let the teams play and let us do our thing. I wasn't feeling that one too good, but that was a difference maker in a close ball game … That was a tough one to swallow at that time of the game. I thought that was a big one.

"We couldn't really dwell on it because it was kind of a big play in the game. It took a run from the scoreboard. We just have to put it past us and put some more runs on the board and see if we can get something going." - Thomas Brittle

"Of all the games I've seen, I haven't seen it happen. We slide the same way into second base all the time. We know the rule. Unfortunately, it became something that was important at the time, but I haven't seen a call (like that). "- Leggett

The quality start by Daniel Gossett…
"I felt like my stuff was working, so I was just trying to pitch the way I know how to. It's not that I outpitched (Michael) Roth. It was a great team game. It was defense all day, offense all day, and I was able to make my pitches when I needed to." - Gossett

The play at the plate…
"We were hoping that would be a play we'd talk about on the positive side as a difference maker for us. It kept the game alive and kept the game going for us. It gave us an opportunity." - Leggett

Brad Felder's homer…
"I was just battling. I had two strikes and just looked to put the ball in play and stay short. He threw a slider and left it up, and I got good contact." - Felder

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