COLUMBIA, S.C. - There's no question. This is the toughest time of the year for Jack Leggett.

In all of his 25 NCAA Tournament appearances as a head coach, Leggett has ended each one on the same note -- with a loss.

For the next two weeks, Leggett will be fighting off what he calls "postseason depression."

"It's like you're on a fast-moving train that's going as hard as it can go. All of a sudden, the tracks end," he said.

The grind comes to a screeching halt, and PSD sets in.

"It's a two-week period where you're used to a routine, used to going to practice, used to seeing the kids every day," Leggett said. "You're used to competing. Then, all of a sudden, it's not there, and other teams are playing.

"There's nothing worse than watching other teams play."

The final out of the game…

"Off the bat, you're just praying. You're like, ‘Come on, please.' I've seen [Brad Felder] hit some balls. You can tell when one's going to go and one's not going to go. It's a pretty deflating feeling. You kind of watch it sailing through the air and you're just kind of hoping [Adam Matthews] trips on a rock or something." - Richie Shaffer

Jonathan Meyer pitches the final 8 1/3…
"Early on, it was a slider, slider away. As the game went on, my arm became more loose and I was able to locate the fastball to both the outside and inside to righties." - Meyer

"I think we kind of thought it was going to be a whole staff kind of day. He stepped up in the first inning and finished the game. I know he pitched yesterday, so his arm's got to be tired. I can't say enough about the way he pitched today." - Phil Pohl

"It's always tough in front of a lot of people, to come in a hostile environment, down 3-0 and the crowd's in it. I've done it before this season and stepped up to the plate that time, so I felt like I was able to do it this time." - Meyer

Facing Jordan Montgomery…
"I thought he threw well today. He was hitting his spots. I know my first two at-bats, he was really working the outside half and gave me some trouble with that." - Pohl

"He came out and threw strikes, and that proved to be too much." - Pohl

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