Chat Transcript: Jad Dean

Incoming freshman placekicker Jad Dean stopped by the Chat Room Wednesday evening to answer questions from our Premium Subscribers. We've produced a transcript of most of that session in the following report.

Roy Philpott-  Everybody welcome Jad Dean!
Jad Dean-  hey whats up everyone
CharlottesFinest-  hows your summer
Jad Dean-  it is goin good
Jad Dean-  i am ready for the season though
madhatter00-  hows your leg?
Jad Dean-  lol, it is good
gocutigers-  what's your workout routine now?
Jad Dean-  workout 4 days a week, and try to kick about 2-3 times
Tigerbrewski-  Jad, are you working out with hunt
Jad Dean-  yeah, we kick together
Jad Dean-  we have been working some Ray Guy camps as counselors for the past week
Pee Dee Tiger-  tell us about your new number.......LOL
CharlottesFinest-  see any good prospects?
Paws4Us-  How much interaction have you had with the other players?  What is team chemistry like now?
dazeman-  is the coach at greenwood anti clemson?
Jad Dean-  it seems real good, i mean it seems like a real close team
CTIGERS1-  Jad are you ready to rub the rock and run down the hill.
Jad Dean-  Coach Dula just encourages us to stay in-state
Jad Dean-  he has no preference
Jad Dean-  we have some coaches that prefer usc and some that prefer clemson
gocutigers-  how many other  freshmen are already on campus?
TigerRandy-  jad, have the coaches told you that the kickoff job is yours?
Jad Dean-  yeah i cant wait run down the hill
Jad Dean-  there about about 4 right now
clemsonman7-  jad, hace the coaches mentioned the possiblity of you getting the chance on long field goals
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Jad Dean-  the coaches have told me that i am currently #1 on the depth chart at kickoffs, but anything can change
Roy Philpott-  Have you competely adjusted to kicking off the ground yet?
HoldThatTigerRag-  who is your favorite tiger to hang out with?
Jad Dean-  i am not competely adjusted yet, it is coming along slowly but surely, i had to change my steps up a little but it will be there by UGA
Jad Dean-  lol, i don't know i like to hang out with them all
gocutigers-  Jad how do you feel about the coots talking so much smack about you?
gocutigers-  does it make you wanna kick their butt?
Jad Dean-  i hang out mostly with Hunt, proctor, chason, tucker
Jad Dean-  lol, i used to read that stuff and it pissed me off. i don't even waste my time with it now
Paws4Us-  What was it that sold you on becomming a TIGER?
Roy Philpott-  smart move
gocutigers-  did you smoke Chase Goggans? at the UGA camp?
Jad Dean-  i don't really know what sold me on becoming a Tiger, i always wanted to play for clemson and couldnt pass up the opportunity
Tmassen-  who do you see at punter this year?
Jad Dean-  well when we reported for the camp he was the  #1  man and when we left i was #1, i don't know if 
i smoked him but i improved my status in the coaches eyes
Jad Dean-  i will try to punt if needed
gocutigers-  can you return kicks too?
gocutigers-  LOL
Jad Dean-  i think i will let J-mil handle that
CharlottesFinest-  can you block
Jad Dean-  i don't think we will have to worry about the blocking
gocutigers-  good idea
Jad Dean-  i don't know if yall have seen Capote in a while
clemsonman7-  i can't remember this much hype surrounding a kicker since scott bentley...Jad you better be better than that guy! lol
Jad Dean-  he is MASSIVE
gocutigers-  sweet
MTPtiger-  Jad:  Any sign of Big Ced Johnson this summer?
Jad Dean-  actually i saw him today
Jad Dean-  i was in the training room gettin my physical and he walked in
gocutigers-  is he below 330 yet?
Jad Dean-  lol, i don't know
MTPtiger-  How is Johnson doing on his weight.  Such a talent when he puts it together.
Jad Dean-  Marion weighed in at 315 today
Jad Dean-  i tapped the scales at 201
dazeman-  are all the recruits up there for summer school?
Paws4Us-  Jad, have you decided on a major?
Jad Dean-  nah, i have seen. Dukes, Capote, Latray, Nelson, and Gaddis is coming once he gets finished with the NC All-Star baseball game
Jad Dean-  i am thinkin about a Bio major, my goal is of course the NFL, but if that doesn't work out i want to become a doctor.
gocutigers-  How's Gaddis doing?  What's he up to now?
Jad Dean-  Gaddis is doin great
Jad Dean-  he is now livin in VA, he has gotten big
Jad Dean-  real big
Roy Philpott-  When are you headed up to Clemson for good Jad?
Jad Dean-  well we don't report til Aug. 4
Jad Dean-  but i have been up there most of the summer working out and kicking
gocutigers-  when ids the first frosh practice?
Jad Dean-  we only have 13 workouts til we report
CharlottesFinest-  Who do you think will avoid a redshirt
Pee Dee Tiger-  Nut is it true that scooby can`t get a date?
TigerBalm1-  he has a miad, doesn;t need a date LOL!
CUTigerNut-  That's more truthful than you know Pee Dee
gocutigers-  LMAO!!
Jad Dean-  Charlotte....i have no clue, i think Capote and Dukes have an excellent chance with their size
Jad Dean-  i don't know
Roy Philpott-  What is the longest field goal you've seen Aaron Hunt kick when you guys are working out together? 
gocutigers-  that['s a good one
Jad Dean-  i have seen aaron hit from 60 several times
gocutigers-  wow
MTPtiger-  JDEAZY:  Is McDuffie up there yet?
Jad Dean-  nah, McDuffie aint here yet
gocutigers-  OL or DL?
Jad Dean-  aaron wont miss from 45 and in
Jad Dean-  they say DL
Jad Dean-  he played only OL at Hargrave
Roy Philpott-  So your longest is 68, and Aaron's is 60. That give you any confidence if they open up the job for starting PK on field goals?
TigerRandy-  do you know if Coach Bowden is opening up the first frosh practice to the public?  he's done that the past couple of years.
MTPtiger-  Latest I have heard is that McDuffie will be an OT.
clemsonman7-  and the tree was much wider than an actual goal
clemsonman7-  lol
TigerBalm1-  heard the same MTP
Jad Dean-  Roy...i mean Aaron has proven himself on the field unlike i have done yet, he has made kicks. he is very solid. 
i think he will handle the fg's this year but i will try to give him a run for his money
gocutigers-  just put some heat on him
Roy Philpott-  I hear ya. I think that's a great way to look at it.
CharlottesFinest-  just kick it in the endzone
CTIGERS1-  Jad,do you and other tigers read the message boards much?
dazeman-  who will be the holder this year?
clemsonman7-  through the endzone
Jad Dean-  Charlottes...don't worry i have been kicking off very well lately
Paws4Us-  Yeah. No Td on KO returns this year!
CharlottesFinest-  awesome
Jad Dean-  CTIGERS1...i think about everyone checks this stuff out
Jad Dean-  everyone of our homepages is set up at either cutigers, tigernet, or tigerroar
clemsonman7-  i guess we really better watch what we post then
gocutigers-  does it bother players to read negative stuff on the boards?
TigerBalm1-  don't kick it to Gibson PLEASE!!!!!!
CharlottesFinest-  they should all be set to cutigers
Jad Dean-  clemsonman...most have been about 5-10 yds out of the EZ
Roy Philpott-  (That's what I was thinking.) LOL.
clemsonman7-  make it 20
clemsonman7-  lol
Jad Dean-  gocu....some it does, some it doesn't
Roy Philpott-  That's very impressive for an incoming freshman.
Roy Philpott-  Are you stuck with #30 for the upcoming season?
Jad Dean-  Roy... I was doing kickoff demonstrations at the camps this past week and most were about 5-10 through the back. the deepest 
was 14 yds out and the shortest was 9 yds deep
Paws4Us-  If your kicking it through the endzone, then we the fans should come up with some catchy thing to do during your kicks.
Pee Dee Tiger-  Roy could you kick like that when you were there?
gocutigers-  awesome
CharlottesFinest-  Jad it might be helpful to tell people how much your watched the boards as a recruit
Roy Philpott-  The longest I ever made in practice was 53. I was nowhere close.
TigerBalm1-  what, like that guy from the replacements?
Jad Dean-  Roy...i am probly stuck with it, i hate to admit it but a frosh PK doesn't have much pull in the equipment room
clemsonman7-  he's wirry
Roy Philpott-  Understandable when a 6-5, 300 lineman is staring you down. LOL.
gocutigers-  BTW  thanks JAd for answering all our questions
Jad Dean-  Charlottes... I think recruits check these boards ALOT more than most think
Jad Dean-  gocu...any time
Pee Dee Tiger-  LOL Jad you kick them out and you will get your pick of numbers soon
Jad Dean-  PEEDEE...i hope
Jad Dean-  i am gonna TRY to get 7
Jad Dean-  that way half the stadium will be wearin my jersey. lol
TigerBalm1-  Jad, of all the recruits in this years class, who made the best impression on you?
Jad Dean- far as the funniest it is by FAR Sergio Gilliam
Jad Dean-  i was with him this past mon-tues at orientation
TigerRandy-  what were some of the "negative" things other schools told you about Clemson during the recruiting process?
Jad Dean-  i don't think i stopped laughing
Paws4Us-  Do the other players give the kickers a hard time?
clemsonman7-  that guy is a player to boot
Jad Dean-  Tiger...the only schools that actively recruited me were FSU and UGA, the others would just call and see if i was solid.
 but FSU and UGA would call every week
Jad Dean-  i didnt get much neg. recruiting
Jad Dean-  Paws...nah not really, just about how easy of a practice we have. but i already knew that
TigerBalm1-  Did you get to meet Bobby, what is he like?
Jad Dean-  TigerRandy...nah i didnt get one of those
TigerBalm1-  bowden that is
clemsonman7-  didn;t FSU offer you AFTER Chase Coggins commited?
Jad Dean-  TigerBalm...Bobby Bowden is a super guy
Jad Dean-  clemsonman7...yeah they did
TigerTdub-  Have you talked to CJ lately and is he excited about coming to clemson
clemsonman7-  i wonder who they wanted more>= i think that's pretty apparent  with that offer coming after the Coggins commitment
Paws4Us-  UGA prediction?
Jad Dean-  TigerTdub...i talked to CJ today and he is just ready to get the All Star game over with and get here
gocutigers-  I love CJ's attitude
Jad Dean-  Paws...hopefully clemson will be on top
gocutigers-  Capote too
TigerBalm1-  Can't wait to see him in August
Jad Dean-  i don't want  to get into any predictions but if it came down to a kick, i would love to have a chance to knock it through
Roy Philpott-  Great answer!
gocutigers-  AMEN!!!!
TigerRandy-  that's the answer of a "winner"
Paws4Us-  We want you to kick it too!
Roy Philpott-  Were you ever involved in any fake FG's at Greenwood and is there any chance we see you doing that at Clemson?
gocutigers-  Is ti August 30 yet?
madhatter00-  from 65 yards!!!
clemsonfanatic- you know what you wanna major in?
Jad Dean-  Roy... nah we never faked at GHS, Coach Dula is old school
Jad Dean-  clemsonfanatic...most likely Bio
gocutigers-  is Proctor the holder?
Jad Dean-  madhatter00...i would love it
CharlottesFinest-  well that will change with TB
Jad Dean-  gocu...nah Gene Pate holds for Hunt
Jad Dean-  and Chason holds for Furr
Jad Dean-  i don't have one yet
CUTigerNut-  Jad, how about any on-side kicks?  Get any of them in during high school?
Jad Dean-  CUTigerNut...actually, i have kicked 3 and we recovered them all
Roy Philpott-  How has Cole Chason looked on his punts? Have you guys worked out together at all?
madhatter00-  don't do it against NC state
TigerBalm1-  I hope they are not necessary this year
TigerTdub-  Have you been at CU this summer?  you may have answered that already I am late.
Jad Dean-  Roy...Cole is just gettin up here. so i havent kicked him yet
MTPtiger-  PLEASE tell me Chason can punt!!
clemsonman7-  wow that's much better than the usual 15% or so recovery rate
Jad Dean-  TigerTdub...yeah i have been at Clemson all summer
TigerRandy-  what are some of your hobbies/interests besides football?
Jad Dean-  TigerRandy...right now we are all waiting on NCAA 2004 to come out that will be our full time hobby once it gets here
TigerRandy-  good choice!
MTPtiger-  Not was Blume.  LOL
TigerBalm1-  I will make sure to bump all your stats up to 99 when I play
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TigerTdub-  Who has impressed you most this summer with there work ethic?
CUTigerNut-  Jad, only 15 more days till that bad boy comes out.
Jad Dean-  TigerBalm1...hopefully they will already be there, lol
Jad Dean-  CUTigerNut..i preordered me one last night
Jad Dean-  thanks man, i am glad i am a tiger too
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CUTigerNut-  Dang, I need to go ahead and do that.
Jad Dean-  yeah you get it a few days early
clemsonfanatic- any of the other players give u a hard time cuz ur a freshman?
eyeofdatigr-  Do you have any kickers that you mold your game after?
Jad Dean-  clemsonfanatic...nah not really, they will call me "Rook" or "Baby Boy"
Jad Dean-  but thats about it
clemsonfanatic-  lol....If u could play any other position what would u play?
MTPtiger-  punter
CharlottesFinest-  just tell them to call you money
Jad Dean-  eyeofdatigr...i love Adam Vinateiri, he doesn't miss clutch kicks
Roy Philpott-  Has it actually dawned on you yet that you'll be playing D-I college football in front of 85,000 people in less than 60 days?
Paws4Us-  (gasp)
gocutigers-  no pressure
Jad Dean-  Clemsonfanatic..i would love to be a SS, and  just light some people up
clemsonfanatic-  thats awesome
Jad Dean-  Roy....nah, not yet it will Aug. 30 at about 11:55 when i am at the top of the hill
Roy Philpott-  Have you practiced much kicking in Death Valley yet?
clemsonman7-  you got the size.  get them to list you as the #3 rover on the depth chart
Jad Dean-  nope, have you seen the grass?
Roy Philpott-  bare
Jad Dean-  if you can call it that
Jad Dean- i will
clemsonfanatic-  How well do u deal with heat....considering the game is at umind or do u wish it was later on?
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Jad Dean-  clemsonfanatic....i love night games at DV. but that was as a fan. as a player i am just glad i am there, 
the heat doesn't affect you at all. unless it is like 110
Paws4Us-  Thank you Jad and Roy! This was great. I've gotta run. GOOOOOOOO TIGERS!
Jad Dean-  cold has a BIG affect
CharlottesFinest-  slap paws
Jad Dean-  later Paws
CUTigerNut-  Later Paws
clemsonfanatic-  Jad..what do u think of expansion?
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Jad Dean- is awesome, who wouldnt want to play Miami and VT on a yearly basis
TigerBalm1-  UCS
clemsonman7-  jad, do you have any of those crazy routines or superstitions
Jad Dean-  and Capote has promised to take me out in Miami after we play them
CharlottesFinest-  that sounds like trouble
TigerRandy-  mmmmmmmm.......south beach
Jad Dean-  clemsonman7...i am somewhat superstitious, if i do something before a game and have a good game i will do the same thing
MTPtiger-  How did we get Capote anyway?
mrclemson-  Are you on campus yet?  And do you participate in the voluntary workouts?
eyeofdatigr-  Do you have any team that you would most like to hit a game winning kick against?
Jad Dean-  mrclemson...yeah i am and i do
clemsonman7-  MTP---> major recruiting coup
Jad Dean-  eyeofdatiger...come on now, that is a no brainer USC ALL DAY LONG
CUTigerNut-  Hey Jad, you going to stop by at PracticeGate and stuff your face with some Beer Can Chicken?
gocutigers-  course he is
clemsonman7-  jad, do you eat lots of chicken? lol
TigerBalm1-  best to get their hopes up, then kick a last minute field goal. Perfect ending to a game
Jad Dean-, i just might have to do that
clemsonfanatic- did u manage to do homework,study,practice,have a social life...and on top of that deal with all this recruting stuff 
clemsonman7-  he's too young for that COOTNUT he's only 18
MTPtiger-  I had Beer Can Chicken for the first damn. Damn that is some good shit.
gocutigers-  cant beat it
Jad Dean- was my sr. year there was no studying. lol
clemsonfanatic-  LOL
TigerBalm1-  shhhh, don't say that out loud
tadow-  Who has been the biggest influence in your life? did anyone direct you towards football?
Jad Dean-  he didnt believe us that we were kicking, and we had about 2 bags of balls
clemsonfanatic-  when u told him that u were players did he not believe u?
Jad Dean-  tadow...nah, i just wanted to play
clemsonfanatic-  LMAO!!!
tadow-  cool!
gocutigers-  stupid cops
TigerRandy-  any parking tickets yet?  that's a Clemson tradition.
Jad Dean-  TigerRandy, lol nah not yet
madhatter00-  Any studs at Greenwood this year you are working on?
Jad Dean-  i am sure i will get my share b4 i leave
clemsonman7-  Jad a word to the wise (from experience) never, ever , ever park in IPTAY parking
Jad Dean-  madhatter...we got a few that can play
gocutigers-  I forget how many times I got towed
clemsonman7-  178 dollars later we got the acr back
madhatter00-  I went to Lexington  and I know all about the Greenwood studs from the past.
clemsonman7-  cootnut it's cause we love you sooo much
Jad Dean-  clemsonfanatic...i stopped playin soccer in the 8th grade
Roy Philpott-  You missed my question many yards does the cold weather take off your kicks?
Jad Dean-  roy...depends on how cold. alot of it is because your feet get numb, your leg doesn't get stretched as good and tightens up quickly
Roy Philpott-  Certainly...
Jad Dean-  maybe 5 yds if it is REAL cold
Roy Philpott-  Which NFL team would you like to play for one day?
clemsonman7-  makes the ball a little stiffer too doesn't it
CharlottesFinest-  so you can only hit from 60 in the cold?
Jad Dean-  Roy...i don't even care i just wanna play in the league
clemsonfanatic-  How far can you kick it?
CUTigerNut-  Oh yeah, gocu, any early plans of making the trip to Columbia this year for the USuC game?
clemsonfanatic-  the ball that is..
Jad Dean- furthest fg off the ground is from 69
madhatter00-  Green Bay. Hes already got the helmet
Roy Philpott-  That's a mighty long ways to kick a freakin football!
Jad Dean-, but it is COLD up there
madhatter00-  true
CharlottesFinest-  Panthers, they need a kicker
Jad Dean-  i wouldnt mind, the Dolphins, Bucs, Texans, 
stori89-  I can kick one that far if you give me 5 kicks and the spot it hits
Roy Philpott-  a warm weather man
Jad Dean-  Roy..oh yeah
clemsonfanatic-  What team are u looking forward the most to play this year?
Roy Philpott-  solid.
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madhatter00-  Atlanta, you and Vick could hang and its indoors
gocutigers-  Blair i hope i can get tix
Jad Dean-  CUTigerNut..i hope i am the situation to where i need one
mrclemson-  Did you ever have a doubt in your mind that you were going to Clemson?
Jad Dean-  clemsonfanatic...USC baby
Jad Dean-  mrclemson...nah, not really
clemsonman7-  hey jad do you know any of the other players handles on cutigers
stori89-  Did UGA work you hard?
Jad Dean-  stori..OHYEAH
clemsonfanatic-  Did any of ur other teammates sign with division 1-A school?
Jad Dean-  clemsonman7...i am not sure of any
Jad Dean-  i know some AOL names not Cutigers name
Jad Dean-  clemsonfanatic...our QB signed with Furman
Clemson76-  Jad, How many Recruits showed up today for summer school
eyeofdatigr-  Jad - We have discussions on what color the uniform for the first game will be - have they told the players any inside scoop - lol
Jad Dean-  the only true frosh working out are me, capote, and latray
Jad Dean-  Maurice was up here for a few weeks
stori89-  Is Capote a manimal?? LOL
gocutigers-  how big is Maurice now?
Jad Dean-  eyeofdatigr...i don't know, there will be a change though
Jad Dean-  gocutigers...he is BIG
Roy Philpott-  Fire up the rumor mill! I love it.
Jad Dean-  lol
Roy Philpott-  Those uniforms spark more conversations on the Internet than anything else.
clemsonfanatic-  its July..what do u expect
Roy Philpott-  Should we ask him if he likes the "woo-hoo" too?
Jad Dean-  lol, i would love to bust out in the ALL PURPLE
mrclemson-  all purple
TigerRandy-  PURPLE!
Clemson76-  Jad heard Whitehurst tonight on sportstalk and he was confident about Georgia. How about you?
Jad Dean-  Roy...i just love tigerrag in general because when that song plays that mean i either did my job or am about to get to do it
Jad Dean-  because we just scored
eyeofdatigr-  Great Answer
Jad Dean-  Clemson76...oh yeah, i think we have as good a shot at UGA as anyone they will play this year
Roy Philpott-  great answer!
eyeofdatigr-  The song that shakes the southland!!
gocutigers-  I was in the band  
madhatter00-  I hope we wear your leg out this year.
Jad Dean- too
TigerBalm1-  even better, we get them early
Clemson76-  Jad are you excited about expansion
CUTigerNut-  You flatened the blow up Buzz at GT
CUTigerNut-  as well
Jad Dean-  oh yeah
madhatter00-  marked
gocutigers-  flatteniing Buzz is a tradition
Jad Dean-  who wouldnt want to play Miami or VT
clemsonman7-  JAD'S you'll be here too right
Jad Dean-  clemsonman....oh yeah
stori89-  Jad - IS Capote a manimal or a monster?
Clemson76-  This is cool
eyeofdatigr-  I marked my Calendars but almost forgot 
Jad Dean-  stori....BOTH
TigerBalm1-  JAD, think you could peg Buzz with a kickoff? that has to be worth at east 2 points
Jad Dean-  he is HUGE
Jad Dean-  and all muscle
stori89-  Sweet!
Jad Dean-  Tigerbalm...i am gonna give it a try
stori89-  How does he compare to Dukes?
Jad Dean-  he is a little bigger than dukes
Clemson76-  Jad, How far are you kicking the Ball now? I don't want any returns 
clemsonfanatic-  Do u think coach will let u try FGs?
Jad Dean-  but dukes is a beast himself
Jad Dean-  clemson76..don't worry
Jad Dean-  clemsonfanatic...right now it is hunts job, but if he asks me to kick it i would definetly jump in there no matter the situation
Clemson76-  Jad, what do you think of Coach Blackwell
Jad Dean-  clemson76...real nice guy, players seem to really like him and he seems to get the best out of them
stori89-  We all love our recruits and Jad and Capote hole a special place in our hearts Mr. & Mrs. Capote.
gocutigers-  Q - IF someone should actually return one of your KOs and you are the last line of defense, would you lay the wood to them?
Clemson76-  Jad your the Next Sebatian Janikowski
clemsonman7-  sure he would he's the #3 rover on the depth chart!  lol
CUTigerNut-  Clemson76, but without all the problems
eyeofdatigr-  Just make the curfew
Clemson76-  True
Jad Dean-  lol, i hope i can do what Janikowski did at FSU on the field, not off the field
madhatter00-  yeah get a watch
gocutigers-  LOL!
Tigerbrewski-  I hope he does not party like Sebastian
clemsonman7-  stay away from the bottle too, nothing but trouble at the bottom
Clemson76-  Yeah he had to much to drink and took date rape pills
Jad Dean- very true

We'd like to conclude by thanking Jad for taking the time to speak with our subscribers. Good luck this year Mr. Dean! Top Stories