Tweet that: Dabo not pleased with rumors

Head coach Dabo Swinney was anything but ambiguous when talking to the media about Big 12 expansion rumors. Simply put, he's against the idea.

It wasn't the same kind of rant he used to motivate his team last year before the ACC Championship Game against Virginia Tech, but it certainly had a similar vibe.

Speaking for the first time to the Clemson media since April 15's Orange and White game, Swinney left little doubt on where he envisions his football program in the future.

Lo and behold, he expects the Tigers to stay right where they are- in the ACC.

"In my opinion going to the Big 12 would be the worst thing we could do as a football program. It makes zero sense. We are the ACC," he said. "This program just won the ACC Championship and we've won it more than any other team in the conference. We can fulfill any goal and any dream right there in this conference. We have a tremendous footprint to recruiting."

Clemson and Florida State have been rumored to be exploring their options in regards to the Big 12 based on a number of factors- potentially more money, a sure fire entry in the upcoming "plus one" playoff which is expected to be announced June 20 for the conference champion and prestige.

Swinney maintains Clemson can keep its seat at college football's big boy table by staying exactly where it is in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

And he even took it a step further than that.

"Certainly as the head football coach I have an opinion, and you know it has been very frustrating," he said. "Quite frankly, I think there has been a lot of irresponsible reporting or blogging. We live in a world where someone hears something from a guy in the third stall down in the bathroom, and it is like, ‘That's the fact. That's the way it is.' But it is so far removed from reality and it just takes a life of its own. It has been a real distraction. We are 1000 percent committed to the ACC."

He also added that the widespread speculation about the move has created a negative impact on Clemson's recruiting efforts.

At least one commitment for the 2013 recruiting class, four-star RB Wayne Gallman, implied to within the last two weeks he didn't like the idea.

While he waved in his commitment for a few days, Clemson's coaches quickly calmed his fears.

"If you want to know how going to the Big 12 is going to affect Clemson, I've lived it for about the last month. It has been very negative, very negative," Swinney said.

"It has impacted and affected our recruiting. I've had to spend a lot of time re-recruiting guys and assuring them that we aren't going to the Big 12. It has been a big distraction and it has been negative, quite frankly. I'm speaking from the front lines. My job is to coach the team, and we'll coach them wherever.

"It has been irresponsible on a lot of people's parts on some of the stuff that has been put out there. I know for a fact that we are committed to making this the best league that it can possibly be and committed to making Clemson the national champion."

While it is somewhat uncertain where the ACC fits into the grand landscape of college football's New World Order, Swinney seemed unfazed by the notion Clemson could be left out of a playoff if it remains in the league.

"Look at last year... we weren't even ranked and we wound up ranked fifth in the BCS," he said. "We have to continue to build our brand. This is an outstanding conference, a conference on the rise and that is very balanced. We have not produced that 13-0, 12-1 team. It just hasn't happened.

"The SEC has earned the right to play for it, and we haven't done that. If we take care of our business at Clemson, then we will have a seat at that table. We can achieve everything right here. Our conference is on the verge, and my goal is for Clemson to be the team to get the conference back on the national scene."

The only thing that was mentioned was the patented, "Tweet that."

Just wait until September, perhaps. Top Stories