Is Robert Reese the next Justin Miller?

With the 2003 recruiting class reporting to Clemson in less than 30 days, it's time to check in with some of this year's outstanding recruiting class. caught up with super athlete Robert Reese tonight, and we've got the latest on what he's been doing this summer to prepare for his collegiate career and his new position.

Robert Reese
Temple High School (Temple, GA)
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The 6-0, 175 pound Reese can't wait to report to Clemson. "I'm ready to go," said Reese. What is he looking forward to most? "Practice. I'm ready to put the pads back on. I'm ready to go out and hit someone. I want to test myself. I want to see how I can compete on the next level."

The two way star from Temple High School expects to play cornerback for the Tigers. Reese was an outstanding quarterback in high school but he was also very impressive last season at free safety. Was Reese more careful playing free safety last season since he was also the team's star quarterback? "Oh no. I like to take their heads off."

The prize recruit from Georgia can't wait to play the Bulldogs. "The team I want to play the most is Georgia. I hope we come out with the victory. Last year I was at the game and Clemson should have won. I grew up liking Clemson and Georgia. It was always either Georgia or Clemson for me. I went up to Clemson for the visit and fell in love with it."

Reese has spent the summer working to become a better cornerback. "I've been lifting weights, doing speed drills and doing defensive back drills," stated Reese.

Coach Hines has kept in touch with the future Tiger frequently this summer. "I just talked with Coach Hines two days ago. He was just checking in with me. He does that often."

Reese has also talked with Justin Miller and Jamaal Fudge several times this summer. "Hopefully I can turn out to be another Justin Miller," stated Reese.

We would like to thank Robert for taking time to talk with this evening, and we can't wait to see him running down the hill this fall. Top Stories