Chris Capote Chat Transcript

Miami native Chris Capote stopped by the Chat Room Sunday evening to share his thoughts on the upcoming season, his spot on the two-deep depth chart, ACC expansion, and a variety of other subjects. You can read what the 6-5, 315 pound freshman had to say in this exclusive chat transcript!

#67 Chris Capote
Offensive Tackle
Killian High School
Miami, Florida
NR: 110 Rating: ***

Chris Capote- : hi everyone
gocutigers:: GLAD YOU ARE A TIGER!!!
Chris Capote- : Glad to be one
Tigerbrewski:: Chris, what are your numbers, HT, WT, 40, ETC.
MillerHighLife21:: So Chris, what would you say are your strengths as an OL?  Better G, T, or C?
Chris Capote- : 6'5''  315lbs  
tigerbv:: do you see yourself playing next season?
Chris Capote- : definetly tackle
HoldThatTigerRag:: Tells us about the war paint and how it got started.
Chris Capote- : yeah i do
clemsonfanatic:: lol
Chris Capote- : lol....
MillerHighLife21:: k
Chris Capote- : well the face paint....
Chris Capote- : I've done it since junior year and I guess it just lets my opponents no that we are at war and that I come to play.
Tigerbrewski:: Tell us about your family, brothers, sisters, etc
clemsonman7:: Chris do you think you can get the other Tiger OLinemen to paint their faces too
MTPtiger:: Hopefully he has a younger brother.  
Chris Capote- : got 2 brothers and one sister
CTIGERS1:: welcome Chris!do you hate the coots yet?
Chris Capote- : yeah i do
jdclemson:: Chris excited about playing miami in future
Chris Capote- : im startin to get a feel for the rivalry
TigerSeb:: What do you like/are better at, pass protection or run blocking?
Chris Capote- : oh yea!
Paws4Us:: What was it about Clemson that led to your decision?
MTPtiger:: Chris:  Do you want to redshirt or are you hoping to play and play early?
Chris Capote- : Hurrricanes who...
MillerHighLife21:: that's what I like to hear
Chris Capote- : im hopin to play this year
HoldThatTigerRag:: Do you have any other pregame rituals, favorite pregame song?
Chris Capote- : yeah i like to listen to last resort by papa roach and sit by my self in a corner
Roy Philpott:: nice!
gocutigers:: have you already been studying the playbook?
Chris Capote- : yeah
TigerSeb:: How do you explain the unusually high number of pancake blocks you had last year? Strength, technique, agility?
MTPtiger:: Any tackle eligible passes in there for you?
Chris Capote- : well everytime i line up against someone i guess i just want to make them bleed so i go as hard as i can with good technique
gocutigers:: awesome
clemsonfanatic:: thats tight
Tigerbrewski:: Are you in class already?
Chris Capote- : hopefully
HoldThatTigerRag:: Who is the best DL you faced in HS?
Chris Capote- : yea
CTIGERS1:: Chris did you play against D.Coleman in high school?
MTPtiger:: Chris:  Have you been to any good parties yet?  Summer in Clemson is so much fun b/c everyone up there gets to know one another.  
Chris Capote- : nope he was in a different county than me
TigerSeb:: How often will your parents be at the games at DV?
Chris Capote- : lol you can say that...
hardballtiger:: Chris:  What is the general perception of Clemson football in Florida?
MillerHighLife21:: good question
Chris Capote- : pretty much most of them 
Chris Capote- : well truthfully not to many peolpe know what kind of a team Clemson is...
Carol:: Chris:  When does practive begin for incoming freshmen?
Chris Capote- : since everyone focuses on UM  UF and FSU
TigerSeb:: What current players do your work out or hang out with?
Paws4Us:: What caught your eye?
Chris Capote- : august 4th
MillerHighLife21:: makes sense, unless we're in the top 10 most people out of state won't know much about us I guess
clemsonman7:: Chris what were your other offers?
CTIGERS1:: Chris are you jacked at the though of running down the hill the first time.
Chris Capote- : UM, FSU, UF, pretty much the whole ACC, Big East, and Big 12
StrayCat:: who's your favorite musician?
bucktaylor:: Chris, where would you have gone had you not selected Clemson?
eyeofdatigr:: Chris: What team on the schedule this year do you most want to beat?
Chris Capote- : Oh i cant wait...
Chris Capote- : probably UM
gocutigers:: Chris, what are your thoughts on the chemistry of this team so far?
Chris Capote- : Georgia and USC i want them bad
HoldThatTigerRag:: OH YEAH
Paws4Us:: Yep Yep.....Coots Suck
CTIGERS1:: great choices
eyeofdatigr:: I'd love a win against GA
eyeofdatigr:: and SC
Chris Capote- : I think there is alot of unity within the team
tigerbv:: who else in your class have you met? any impressions?
gocutigers:: Jad in the house!
TigerSeb:: Do you talk to the other OL recruits?
clemsonfanatic: awesome!
Chris Capote- : yeah I'm good friends with Clint LaTray
TigerRandy: chris, what is your impression of Ron West thus far?
clemsonfanatic:: he left...
Chris Capote- : Great coach and great person
TigerSeb:: Who was your host on your visit?
Chris Capote- : Chip Myrik
MillerHighLife21:: Chris, do you see any reason we can't beat any team on our schedule? 
I ask because of all the people that try to predict 9-3, 8-4, etc. while I'd say 12-0 until proven otherwise.
Chris Capote- : i agree
Chris Capote- : Its all about who is hungry the most
TigerSeb:: Who's the most impressive current OL player?
MillerHighLife21:: good to hear, hopefully you and the rest of the guys can stay hungry
Chris Capote- : Dustin Fry and Nathan Bennett
LGEtiger:: Tell us your opinion of Clint LaTray... don't know much about him.
Chris Capote- : He's a good guy, hard worker and looks like he has alot to offer the team
CTIGERS1:: Chris have you seen big ced in the weight room.
HoldThatTigerRag:: what is your 40 time and bench, squat, clean?
Chris Capote- : he doesnt lift at the same time as i do
TigerSeb:: What is your favorite play  (in which you're involved at T)?
MillerHighLife21:: off subject, ya'll need to flip on the Man Show right now, the man show boy's on
Chris Capote- : 5'0, 400lbs on bench, 540lbs on squat, and 315 on clean 
Chris Capote- : lol
Roy Philpott:: Where do you think you are on the depth chart right now Chris?
MTPtiger:: 2nd Team RT, IMO.
LGEtiger:: Have you had any interaction with the Dustin, Nathan, or Roman?
HoldThatTigerRag:: Do you prefer either side of the line
Chris Capote- : I was told I'm at 3rd string right now but that if i come in and do good that i could be at 2nd or starting
gocutigers:: sweet
MillerHighLife21:: What would you say is the strongest unit on the team right now (if you say OL then what's the second strongest :-)
Roy Philpott:: LT or RT?
Chris Capote- : yes i have they are some cool guys
Chris Capote- : LT
hardballtiger:: Chris:  Rate yourself on your leadership capabilities and attitude.
gocutigers:: A+
Chris Capote- : Quarterback and recievers
MTPtiger:: I hear McDuffie will start out with the OL as well.
HoldThatTigerRag:: Do you have a favorite NFL team?
Chris Capote- : Miami Dolphins
CTIGERS1:: Chris I have heard you have a mean streak in ya?
clemsonman7:: Back to the War paint question... Chris do you plan to try and get all of our OLinemen to wear paint?
MillerHighLife21:: also on the paint, was that design we always see in your picture Ultimate Warrior inspired?
gocutigers:: LOL
MTPtiger:: Chris:  Can you estimate (or do you know) what Ced Johnson is tipping the scales at these days?
HoldThatTigerRag:: hahaha... any plans for ORANGE paint?
Chris Capote- : well all i know is when im on that line, who ever is infront of me is in for a long night because i like to take it all out on the field
clemsonman7:: yeah!!!!
TigerSeb:: good answer
Paws4Us:: awesome!
Chris Capote- : actually it was inspired by the move any given sunday
TigerRandy:: Chris, what was your impression of the facilities at Clemson compared to some of the other schools you visited 
TigerSeb:: good movie!
MillerHighLife21:: My name is Willie...
clemsonman7:: Chris you would make a great Airborne Ranger!!
MTPtiger:: Great movie.  Little silly, but great movie.
Chris Capote- : I rate them as one of the top ten in the country
F16Cook:: hey!!!!!! air force pilot!
clemsonman7:: pilots don't envision blood like Rangers do!lol
Chris Capote- : lol
gocutigers:: Chris what do you like to do in your spare time?
MillerHighLife21:: Chris, do you think you can out kick Jad?
clemsonman7:: kill and eat coots
Chris Capote- : Hang out with my friends, party, play the drums
TigerSeb:: Chris, what offensive system was played at your HS?
Chris Capote- : lmao...maybe
MTPtiger:: One of the TEs on my high school team was drummer.  Must be a pattern.
HoldThatTigerRag:: ever play in a band?
gocutigers:: Chris, any great up and coming prospects at your HS?
Chris Capote- : lmao...actually yea
HoldThatTigerRag:: what was the name?
MTPtiger:: Band or prospects?
Chris Capote- : Yeah our running back Bobby Washington and OT Ben Reynolds
gocutigers:: put in a good word for us!
Chris Capote- : band
Tmassen:: cu recruiting them?
Chris Capote- : Oh definetly
MTPtiger:: Tell Ben to save the headache and commit to Clemson.
Chris Capote- : yea
Paws4Us:: Do you know what # you'll wear this year?
Chris Capote- : 67
MTPtiger:: Anyone he wants.
MillerHighLife21:: Chris, did the coaches tell you a timeline for when the new West Endzone facility will be usable?
tifan:: Chris what's your height and weight.
gocutigers:: 67 pancakes in your freshman year??  Can we count on that?  
HoldThatTigerRag:: who was your favorite Tiger player before coming to CU?
Chris Capote- : Oh yea
Chris Capote- : Dantzler
Paws4Us:: really, wow
F16Cook:: excellent choice
gocutigers:: Woody was a great representative    still is
Paws4Us:: Woody has left a legacy behind. Way to go Woody!
Chris Capote- : 6'5 315lbs
HoldThatTigerRag:: What do you think you need to improve on the most?  
MTPtiger:: Of course, us lawyers make better wafflers.
gocutigers:: Chris have you already met Marion Dukes and Brandon Pilgrim??
Chris Capote- : I have to learn all the plays
Chris Capote- : Pilgrim yes Marion no
HoldThatTigerRag:: when did you start playing football?
gocutigers:: how long do you think it will take for you to feel familiar with th eplaybook, learn the plays?
Chris Capote- : my freshman year
CharlottesFinest:: August 30?
CTIGERS1:: Chris did you watch the Texas Tech game and what were your thoughts.
TigerSeb:: Did you come to a game during recruiting?
Chris Capote- : I dont think it would take me such a long time
Chris Capote- : that we needed OL
gocutigers:: true
Paws4Us:: Do the chicks dig the paint? LOL.
HoldThatTigerRag:: In one word, what does football mean to you?
Chris Capote- : that was the only postion we lacked
Chris Capote- : lol they definetly do
Chris Capote- : pain
gocutigers:: fans dig the paint too
Paws4Us:: calm down gocu
Chris Capote- : oh yeah it gets them hyped up
gocutigers:: pain for the unlucky slob across from you?
HoldThatTigerRag:: If you could play any other position what would it be?
Chris Capote- : it doesnt come any other way
HoldThatTigerRag:: nice
F16Cook: very nice
Chris Capote- : TE
F16Cook:: really?????
Paws4Us:: What are you thoughts of a powdery baby blue DE talking smack?
LGEtiger:: Ever thought of playing DT?
F16Cook:: that's cool
gocutigers:: Do you have a nickname?
Chris Capote- : In highschool we had plays where i step in at TE but we never ran them though
bucktaylor:: you sound like a DT
bucktaylor:: "attitude wise"
F16Cook:: i was just fixin to ask...have you ever???
Chris Capote- : i could play DT too i did it in highschool a little bit
HoldThatTigerRag:: If pro football were not to work out, what would be your career choice?
Chris Capote- : Surgeon
gocutigers:: "Surgeon"!!!  I love it
clemsonman7:: i hope you have steady hands.
Paws4Us:: Mental Picture............Surgeon with WarPiant.......OUCH!
Chris Capote- : Either plastic or orthopedic
clemsonman7:: you must love blood
HoldThatTigerRag:: haha
Chris Capote- : oh yea
Roy Philpott:: Would you be disappointed if you did redshirt this year Chris?
clemsonman7:: you just want to do breast implants.
Paws4Us:: lmao!
bucktaylor:: maybe he can fix Chuck the Chest's
clemsonman7:: can't blame you there, i love fake boobs too
gocutigers:: He wants to transplant opposing DEs
MillerHighLife21:: lol
Chris Capote- : not really because whatever slot Im put in by the coaches i guess it will help out the team
clemsonman7:: great attitude
Chris Capote- : lol
IrmeseTiger:: Just as good "Surge ON" the o-line
HoldThatTigerRag:: what coach impressed you the most during your recruiting?
gocutigers:: Chris, Miller got screwed over for ACC freshmen of the year last year, so its up to you to make up for it..  
TigerSeb:: Will you change your ratings in NCAA 2004? 
F16Cook:: great point!
Chris Capote- : Coach West, Bowden, Smith
gocutigers:: Surge-on   LMAO!
Chris Capote- : lol
TigerRandy:: chris, tell us about your interaction with Coach Bowden thus far?  Straight shooter?  A players type of coach?
MillerHighLife21:: Chris, as long as you wear the facepaint you might as well do what a HS football buddy of mine did one game...
put an alcaseltzer (sp?) in your mouth so it will be foaming when you look at the guy across from ya 
(this guy didn't paint his face, but he was cross eyed at least)
tifan:: Did you play LT in High School ?
LGEtiger:: Chris - best of luck this season!  Hope to see you on the field.
Chris Capote- : definetly he is the type of coach who tells it like it is
Chris Capote- : no BS
clemsonman7:: good night all, good luck Chris,  i know you'll do well for the Tigers...Also keep up the attitude, we fans love it!!!
Chris Capote- : LT RT and G
TigerRandy:: thanks for your honesty chris.
gocutigers:: Thanks for answering all our Qs Chris!
HoldThatTigerRag:: yes, thank you!
Chris Capote- : no prob
F16Cook:: outsatnding! thanks
TigerSeb:: thanks you!!!
HoldThatTigerRag:: what weight would you ideally like to play at?
MillerHighLife21:: gotta check out, g'night Chris and good luck this season!
Chris Capote- : 300lbs
Chris Capote- : thanks
bucktaylor:: Thanks Chris for your time, I'm out
Roy Philpott:: So you feel like you need to shed a couple of pounds before the start of the season Chris?
Chris Capote- : it wouldn't hurt
Paws4Us:: Can't wait to see BIG #67 run down the hill!  Work hard and kick arse Chris. Goooo TIGERS!
Chris Capote- : will do and thanks
Tmassen:: has the CU weight program helped you?
Chris Capote- : big time....ive gained about 40lbs of muscle on it
Tigerbrewski:: Are you ready for 2-a-days?
Chris Capote- : after these next three weeks of conditioning i definetly will be
TigerRandy:: tell us about joey batson.  is he a ball-buster?
IrmeseTiger:: Thanks, Cris.  So glad to have you at Clemson.  We'll be looking for big things to happen from your participation.  Surge-on!
CTIGERS1:: goodluck this year Chris! see ya Aug.30.........Go Tigers
Chris Capote- : I havent gotten the chance to actually work with him yet but tomorrow i start
Tmassen:: do we have a shot at the two recruits from your HS?
Chris Capote- : thanks glad to be here
TigerSeb:: Chris, thank you for choosing Clemson. And you thank for all your hard work, I hope you get rewarded 
with plenty of playing time this season. Go Tigers!
Chris Capote- : i think that OL Ben Reynolds is really considering coming
Tmassen:: Have we offered?
Chris Capote- : i believe so
gocutigers:: is Ben a senior?
Chris Capote- : he will be this year
Tmassen:: What made you look at CU?
HoldThatTigerRag:: Britney or Christina?..... Halley Berry or Tyra Banks?.... Molly Sims or Heidi Klum?
Chris Capote- : winning tradition, good atmosphere, great coaches and players and early playing time
Chris Capote- : britney, halley, heidi
Roy Philpott:: lol
Clemson76:: Capote, How much are you benching?
Chris Capote- : 400lbs
Clemson76:: Capote, Do you expect to play this year?
Clemson76:: Sorry if you have answered these ?'s already
Chris Capote- : yes im ready to help the team out in anyway
Chris Capote- : dont worry about it ask away
Clemson76:: Capote will you be allowed to use the war paint at Clemson
Chris Capote- : I was told I was
Clemson76:: That would be cool if you could get others to do it also
Chris Capote- : whatever gets me fired up they said
Tmassen:: Who is ahead of you at LT?  Henry?  Who else?
HoldThatTigerRag:: anyone else in your family play football?
Chris Capote- : henry but i dont remember who was 2nd deep
Chris Capote- : nope I'm the first
Roy Philpott:: Roman Fry probably
Chris Capote- : hopefully my little bro follows my steps
HoldThatTigerRag:: how old is he?
Chris Capote- : no hes at guard
CharlottesFinest:: how little is your brother
Chris Capote- : hes 11 y/o 5'6 and 170lbs
HoldThatTigerRag:: Is he a Tiger fan?
Roy Philpott:: Do you have any friends that play for Miami or Florida State?
Chris Capote- : oh yea
Roy Philpott:: Any smack talking going on yet?
Chris Capote- : yeah alot
Chris Capote- : oh its been going on
Clemson76:: Have you been doing much conditioning like running or bike riding
Chris Capote- : but i leave all the talking for the field
HoldThatTigerRag:: favorite football player, all time?
Roy Philpott:: I bet. Well, you will definitely have the opportunity to show them up.
Chris Capote- : yes i have
Chris Capote- : tough one
Roy Philpott:: Marino?
Clemson76:: How is school going?
F16Cook:: chris, have you always lived in florida???
Tmassen:: Did you hear that Will Meritt said he thinks you will contribute right away? 
Chris Capote- : well i really dont have one i guess
Chris Capote- : its going pretty good
Chris Capote- : yeah pretty much
Clemson76:: Capote, any more freshman report recently
Chris Capote- : yes i saw the interview 
Clemson76:: Chris, how do you feel about expansion?
Chris Capote- : i thought it was pretty great he said that 
Chris Capote- : I love it now I can get a shot at UM in my hometown
Chris Capote- : Show everyone whats up
F16Cook:: someone mentioned earlier about 2 a days...i just read the ncaa has put some restrictions on that. 
have you heard anything??? about changes to the fall practice schedule
tigerjcm1:: who would you like to see as the 12th team in the ACC
Chris Capote- : Notre Dame
F16Cook:: penn st
CharlottesFinest:: irish pancakes
Chris Capote- : sounds good
HoldThatTigerRag:: Who is the most influential person in your life?
Clemson76:: I think you will end up playing or even starting this year(by the end of this year)Your strength is impeccable
tigerjcm1:: have you eaten at Mac's yet?
Roy Philpott:: Uh oh...the big words are coming out now...impeccable.
Chris Capote- : I really cant say one, God my parents and my family without them I probably wouldnt be where I am today
Jad Dean- : joined
CharlottesFinest:: sup Jad
Clemson76:: LOL
HoldThatTigerRag:: all great answers
CharlottesFinest:: Jad Chris has been dissing kickers
Jad Dean- ::: lol
Chris Capote- : lol
Jad Dean- ::: he has no room to talk
HoldThatTigerRag:: who will be your roomate?
Roy Philpott:: Kicker always talk smack you guys.
Chris Capote- : yeah i kicked a 69 yarder how bout that jk
Roy Philpott:: lol
HoldThatTigerRag:: would you guys like to trade positions for a day?
Jad Dean- ::: what you been up to Capote, BESIDES TTT
Chris Capote- : Naw jad is one of the best I've seen and a great asset to any team
Chris Capote- : lol
Clemson76:: This  is cool, two  tigers on right now who will make an impact as a freshman
Chris Capote- : that would be interesting
tigerjcm1:: must have read Kopps book
Jad Dean- ::: lol
F16Cook:: most excellent!!!!
Roy Philpott:: I think that's the first time I've seen an OL give a kicker props.
Jad Dean- ::: i showed Capote a good time the other night
Chris Capote- : lmao
Jad Dean- ::: lol
HoldThatTigerRag:: what is your verticle height?
CharlottesFinest:: with some of those 22 year olds Jad
Jad Dean- ::: hey, but didnt i hook u up
Roy Philpott:: I think Capote could probably show the ropes down in South Beach need to hit him up to get down there.
Jad Dean- ::: its getting better
Chris Capote- : lol yup yup
Jad Dean- ::: there are some fresh. up here for session II
Jad Dean- ::: roy...oh yeah we already got that planned
Chris Capote- : oh yeah thats my turf 
HoldThatTigerRag:: should be some orientations too! 
Tigerbrewski:: which road trip are you looking forward to the most this year?
Roy Philpott:: nice work. I figured as much.
Chris Capote- : he doesnt know what awaits him
Roy Philpott:: lmao
CharlottesFinest:: just don't hurt his leg..thats his kicking leg
Chris Capote- : NC State cuz I have several team mates from highschool there 
F16Cook:: no leg injuries please!!!!!
Chris Capote- : lol
F16Cook:: either one of you!!!
Roy Philpott:: Does anybody else have any more questions for Mr. Capote?
HoldThatTigerRag:: List what you think our 5 most important games are in order.
Chris Capote- : Georgia, SC, NC State, FSU, GT
HoldThatTigerRag:: interesting picks...
StrayCat:: georgia georgia georgia georgia georgia
Jad Dean- ::: naw, USC USC USC USC USC
Roy Philpott:: there you go.
Clemson76:: aaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of them
F16Cook:: copy, usc....
Chris Capote- : lol
Roy Philpott:: Chris, have you been told anything about the CU-USC rivalry?
Jad Dean- ::: good point, why not win them all
Roy Philpott:: It's pretty intense.
HoldThatTigerRag:: i see it as UGA, USC, FSU, NCST, MD
Jad Dean- ::: i have begun to fill him in
Roy Philpott:: Jad knows all about it. No doubt.
Chris Capote- : yeah jad was tellin me about it
Jad Dean- :::, i think we oughta let Capote take a trip over to the USC message boards, he will learn to hate QUICK
Clemson76:: Kill all the Coots
Roy Philpott:: That message board will get you fired up rather quickly...that's probably an understatement.
HoldThatTigerRag:: cockadoodledumb
F16Cook:: harsh, but fair..
Chris Capote- : gotta check it out
Chris Capote- : ok
Tigerbrewski:: Yea, all the coots love JDEAZY
HoldThatTigerRag:: lol
tadow:: Hey Chris, have been down to the Orange Bowl a good bit? What's it like?
Chris Capote- : I've been there alot but its nothing like death valley
Clemson76:: Cris has Jad filled you in on who LOUser is
tadow:: Yeah- that's what I thought. They don't sell out much do they?
Chris Capote- : they sell a good amount but its just no the same atmosphere...I wil enjoy the next trip there though...
get to wipe the floor with the hurricanes
Chris Capote- : not*
tadow:: wow
tadow:: that would be so great if you guys could handle the Canes
HoldThatTigerRag:: later guys... Thanks Chris and Roy!!
Chris Capote- : they arent what everyone thinks they are going to be
Clemson76:: You must get pyshical
Clemson76:: Physical
Chris Capote- : oh yea
tadow:: i dont think Chris has a problem doing that!
Jad Dean- ::: Chris tell them about your Miami shirt you wear
Chris Capote- : lol
tadow:: lets hear it!
F16Cook:: oh, this could be good?????
StrayCat:: i'm curious to see if berlin gets the job done
Clemson76:: I'm not sold on Berlin
Chris Capote- : i have a shirt that they gave me during recruiting, that a ripped off the sleeves and wrote BEAT on top of where it says MIAMI FOOTBALL
tadow:: LOL!
Chris Capote- : i *
tadow:: That's awesome!
F16Cook:: superb!
Chris Capote- : I wear it when i work out
Clemson76:: Oh yeah
Jad Dean- ::: they sent it to him saying they didnt know if he got a shirt at the camp or not
CharlottesFinest:: Lets hope you get your chance next year
tadow:: now, did Miami offer you a scholarship?
Chris Capote- : everyone in miami wasnt a big fan of it though but i could care less
Chris Capote- : yes
tadow:: didn't know that
tadow:: that's impressive.
StrayCat:: ever go to key west?
F16Cook:: copy, care less
Chris Capote- : lol yea
Clemson76:: Did you just want to get out of town
Chris Capote- : well there was much more involved in my choice
StrayCat:: best place to eat in key west?
StrayCat:: im goin there thurs...obviously
Chris Capote- : lol i didnt do much eating
Tigerbrewski:: Favorite food
StrayCat:: well....u gotta eat before u drink
Chris Capote- : but the best place to go though is the Tiki Bar
Chris Capote- : lol
StrayCat:: we'll check it out
Chris Capote- : Rice, beans, and steak
Chris Capote- : lol
tadow:: later guys...thanks for stopping by Jad and Chris!
StrayCat:: key west high school must have a helluva time gettin people to come down there...especially the minor sports
Clemson76:: What is going on in Clemson right now? Slow because of summer?
Chris Capote- : yeah it is 
Chris Capote- : no to many people are here because its summer
Chris Capote- : not*
StrayCat:: where were you during andrew?
Clemson76:: What do you say to the Cocks that say their is nothing to do in Clemson
Chris Capote- : yeah i was
Chris Capote- : that they have nuthing to do so they talk smack about clemson cuz they wish they would come close to being like us
Clemson76:: Do any of the players go to Atlanta or Greenville for the Day
Clemson76:: We own the coots
Chris Capote- : yeah
Clemson76:: Don't bother coming to Columbia because it is boring here(only beat up the coots every other year)
Jad Dean- ::: well guys i am about to head out
Roy Philpott:: Thanks for coming by Jad. 
Jad Dean- ::: no prob
RCharlottesFinest:: Thanks for your time Chris and Jad.  Welcome to the family.  
Chris Capote- : no prob glad to be here
Roy Philpott:: Alright Chris, we'll have the transcript up in the morning. Thanks for stopping by big man.
Chris Capote- : no prob, thanks for having me
Tigerbrewski:: Good luck Chris!
Chris Capote- : thanks
We'd like to conclude by thanking Mr. Capote for stopping by There's little doubt that he's going to be an impact player in Tiger Town for years to come! Top Stories