Scout100 DL could commit any day

Greg Gilmore is focused on four schools right now and he could make his decision at any time. Get the latest right here.

Alabama and Florida had Greg Gilmore on their campus recently for three days and he saw all he could see at each school.

They are two of the four schools still in the running for this elite defensive lineman out of Hope Mills (N.C.) South View.

" I really maximized my time at Alabama and Florida this summer and I got to see everything I needed to see. Alabama, Florida, Clemson, and LSU are the four schools I am really focused on now," Greg Gilmore told Scout.

Gilmore said all four schools have a lot of the same qualities, but they are some differences.

He talks about all four.

Alabama: "Alabama plays a 3-4 scheme and I could play the five-technique there. I like their defense and they put a lot of players in the NFL too. Coach Nick Saban coached me up while I there and I really liked that about him. He loves his players and everyone in Tuscaloosa loves the players there. There is noting not to like Alabama."

Clemson: "I like the Clemson community a lot. I really like the fans and they have an SEC like environment there. They play great football there and they have a lot of talented players there right now. I think they could win a National Championship in a few years, they are that good."

Florida: "The thing about Florida that stood out most when I was down there, they did a very good job of making my mom and brothers comfortable down there. I like how their staff is more of a younger staff, but at the same time, they have a lot of NFL experience. They have state of the art facilities and they are a great school. I think I could play early there too."

LSU: "I love everything about LSU. I went down there with an open mind and they did a good job with my dad and my uncle. They put guys in the NFL, they graduate their guys in three and a half years, and I really like those things. Coach Les Miles word is just like Nick Saban's, it carries a lot of weight, so I like that too. I have a great relationship with Coach Chavis and Coach Haley too."

Over two dozen schools offered the no. 47 overall prospect in the country, but these four made the cut for one main reason.

"Those schools have come after me and they are serious about me. A lot of schools out there seem to be a little fake, but there is nothing fake about the schools on my list. They want me, they show they want me, and I feel they are very serious about me."

Those four schools are serious about Gilmore and he is serious about them. He could be serious enough about one of them to commit to them in the near future.

"I really don't know when I will commit. I could commit tomorrow or it could be after the season, I really do not know. It is a hard decision and I love them all and I am just counting my blessings right now."

Gilmore is the No. 7 defensive tackle in America. Top Stories