Running down a dream

Andre Young is on the brink of fulfilling a lifelong dream. Before the end of the weekend, the former Clemson guard could be making a profession as a basketball player.

Like nearly everyone else in this year's class, Young isn't sure what city he'll might call home this winter, but he certainly is excited keep playing basketball.

"I've wanted to play basketball as long as I can," he told CUTigers. "Playing professionally is definitely one of those goals. To have it right here in my grasp, it's an amazing feeling. It's good to know it's reachable. Pretty much, all I have to do is go out and grab it."

The NBA will hold its 2012 draft on Thursday night. Young's not sure if he'll be selected or if there will be a free-agent contract will be sent his way.

One of the top spot-up shooters in recent memory for the Tigers, Young certainly has the skill set to play at the next level.

It's just a question of finding the right fit with the right team.

"It's just one of those things where time will tell," he said. "For the past month or so, I've just been taking it a day at a time and enjoying it and doing pretty much what I can control, that's just working out and trying to get better as a basketball player.

"Everything else, I can't control, so we'll just see what happens."

Andre Young averaged 13.3 points and 3.1 assists per game as a senior.
Young spent a majority of his time between workouts in Clemson and Atlanta with a professional trainer. Now, he's at home in Albany, Ga., waiting to see what's next.

"It's been pretty exciting, it's been eye opening," Young said. "Obviously, I'm not really familiar with all this stuff…I've learned a lot of things and I've seen a lot of new things that I've never seen before or been a part of.

"Right now, I would pretty much just say I'm going along with everything, just trying to enjoy the ride."

That ride took him to workouts with Golden State and Sacramento.

"Both experiences were really good. I met a lot of people, people I'm familiar with, people like Mark Jackson, Jerry West, Bobby Jackson," Young said.

"That's been really cool -- meeting new people and seeing new things. I haven't really been on the West Coast a whole bunch, so it gave me the opportunity to go over there and see how life is over there. It's been a really good experience."

And now the next experience ... playing the waiting game with the NBA draft Thursday night. Top Stories