Colvin warming up in Colorado

ARLINGTON, Tex. - This past offseason was one all about change for ex-Clemson baseball standout Tyler Colvin.

After spending most of the previous three seasons with the Chicago Cubs, who selected him 13th overall in the June 2006 Amateur Draft, he was traded to Colorado.

Colvin's best season with the Cubs came in 2010, when he hit .254 with 20 HR and 56 RBI in 135 games. Still, he's been red hot lately for the Rockies, hitting .304 with 8 HR and 30 RBI through 58 games.

Remember, Colvin was also a member of the 2006 Clemson team that advanced to the College World Series... and while being a big leaguer is a full-time job, he still makes it a point to keep up with how Tiger baseball is faring.

Recently, caught up with Colvin to get his thoughts on his time in Colorado - and of course- in Clemson as well.

How do you look back on your three years at Clemson?
Colvin: Yeah, my time at Clemson was great. Obviously capped it off with going to the College World Series, just learned a lot from being there with Coach Leggett and all the other coaches. It's definitely a time that I cherish.

How much do Clemson fans still bring up that walk off home run you had in the 2006 Super Regional against Oral Roberts?
Colvin: I get it every now and then, especially when some Clemson people come to town. Coach told me that they played that home run over and over for recruits. He said they never get tired of it. It's exciting because that's another of those memories that I'll always have from Clemson.

What do you think Clemson has to do in order to return to the CWS in the future?
Colvin: That's a good question, it's not a question of not wanting it because I know Coach Leggett really wants it and makes everyone work hard. You focus the whole offseason in training is to get to Omaha. It's just one of those things, being hot at the right time, just playing consistent baseball and playing defense like we've always played and trying to beat that defensive clip every year.

How much do you keep up with how Tiger baseball is faring these days?
Colvin: I try my best. It's just one of those things where I get preoccupied when I'm away. I just want to get away from everything but I definitely try to catch them when I can. Maybe they'll have a couple games on and I'll get to watch them and can cheer for them then.

Tyler Colvin is batting .304 through 58 games this year with the Colorado Rockies. (Getty Images)
What has it been like for you moving from Chicago to Colorado?
Colvin: It's been good. It was a pretty easy move, bunch of great guys here. It's not like I was coming into a clubhouse and feeling a little uncomfortable. Everybody here made me feel at home so it's good to be over here.

Did you know anybody with the Rockies before you got here?
Colvin: No, not really. I had met a couple of guys and just got lucky that [D.J.] LeMahieu came over here with me [from Chicago in the trade] so I had someone to really talk to and share that new spring training experience with.

What's it been like playing at Coors Field so far?
Colvin: The ball jumps there pretty good but it's a really big ballpark. I don't think there's many cheap home runs there. It's a great ballpark.

During your time in the Windy City, you were teammates with another Clemson product in Jeff Baker. What was that like playing with him?
Colvin: That's great because when I went to my recruiting stuff, I watched videos of Khalil Greene and Jeff Baker and it was great to play with him, have him take me under his wing to show me the ropes of coming off the bench and knowing what to do there. He's a great guy.

Talk about being part of the fraternity of fellow Clemson products in pro baseball...
Colvin: It's something that you just go around and you know who the Clemson Tigers are. You always try to keep up and see how everyone's doing. It is a fraternity and I'll always be a Tiger.

How much do you miss playing half your games at Wrigley Field?
Colvin: Yeah, it was pretty cool, just one of those things where I enjoyed my time there. But now I'm here.

The Rockies have struggled for a good part of this season. How do you keep your head up?
Colvin: Well, it's just one of those things. We've got some young players here and they're trying to learn, myself included. It's one of those things where it's not always going to be easy. There's always a learning curve. Hopefully everybody catches on pretty quick and we can win some ballgames here.

What do you think the biggest misconception the average fan has about the life of a big leaguer that they don't realize how much time you guys actually spend at the park?
Colvin: That might be it, exactly how long we're here but I think the one thing is all the travel. Yeah, it might seem great from the outside, but being away from your family all the time is not the easiest thing. Top Stories