Kendall Fuller at The Opening

After a strong day one performance at The Opening Good Counsel standout Kendall Fuller took time out to talk a little recruiting with GoBlueWolverine.

Sam Webb: First things first… just talk about the experience out here so far, and how you think you've been doing.

Kendall Fuller: "I've been doing pretty good. It's mainly just a blessing to be out here, you know, with all the top athletes in the country, and just to be here and make it here for this – for The Opening. So right now, I'm just taking it all in, and just competing and having fun."

Sam Webb: A five-star, highly regarded guy like you, the bullseye tends to be on your chest. Any receivers calling you out since you've been here?

Kendall Fuller: "No, I think a lot of guys up here, you know, they're used to being that main guy, so they kind of come out here that basically, they're that guy, and they feel like they can compete with anybody, so I don't think it's going to be much calling out, but everybody's going to go at it, every rep."

Sam Webb: What about in the Sparq testing? Did you hit your marks? Did you leave something to be desired as far as your personal evaluation of your performance?

Kendall Fuller: "I would say I did ok. I ran my best shuttle. 4.15. So I think that's the only thing I'm going to be speaking about."

Sam Webb: Ok, now, in one-on-ones though, that seems to be your thing. Only one pass caught on you?

Kendall Fuller: "Yes, sir."

Sam Webb: As far as recruiting is concerned, we haven't caught up with you since all the way back in the spring, when you took that visit to Michigan. Seemed to change your vision; your view of Michigan. What kind of impact did that visit have on your thoughts about Michigan?

Kendall Fuller: "It had a big impact. Going into it, I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't think I was going to like it that much. I thought it was kind of going to be too big of a school for me, but I felt comfortable there. All the fans, all the coaches, showed a lot of support, so…"

Sam Webb: I know you're get recruited from all over the country now. I watched your interview with Kristen Kenney last week, and you talked about Virginia Tech and Clemson being the schools that are out front for you. Is that still the case? Are those two schools kind of up there, and everyone else, including Michigan, trying to catch them a little bit?

Kendall Fuller: "Yeah, I would say it's kind of Virgina Tech and Clemson, and then Michigan. And after that… those are the three main schools I'm looking at right now."

Sam Webb: So what is it thus far? Is it distance? Is it familiarity with the programs that have Virginia Tech and Clemson sort of ahead of the pack?

Kendall Fuller: "I would just say the vibe that I felt compared to Michigan. Just the vibe that I had down there was just – it's not really words that you can explain it. It was just – I just had kind of a better vibe down there. I know Clemson – I don't think anybody can go to Clemson and not like it; and Virginia Tech, I'm just pretty much already comfortable there."

Sam Webb: Dorian O'Daniel's presence at Clemson – is that something that kind of takes it to another level for you?

Kendall Fuller: "A little bit. Just being around and spending time with him for four years, just like – both of us coming in like this, so we've been spending a lot of time together. So just to have somebody right there, to go to college with, is definitely good."

Sam Webb: Now at Michigan, it's clear that one of the reasons why you looked at them more favorably was because of Blake, and because of the Countesses. Talk about your relationship with them, and what his presence – what their presence – in Ann Arbor might do to Michigan's appeal?

Kendall Fuller: "The Countesses, I would say basically – I would say they're the realest people you can get. They wouldn't try to sell the college to me just because Blake goes there. You know, if they didn't feel like Michigan was a good school, then they wouldn't try to sell me to go there. They'll always have your best interests at heart."

Sam Webb: They're having a barbecue later this month – are you going to go to that, or make it back up to Michigan anytime?

Kendall Fuller: "I don't even know what the date of the barbecue is, but if I can't make it during the summer, I'm definitely going to try to come up for a game."

Sam Webb: Any other visits on the horizon before your season starts?

Kendall Fuller: None Top Stories