It's all in the family

GREENSBORO, NC - Five-star prospect Kendall Fuller, the younger brother of Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller, will attend either Clemson or Virginia Tech.

At the ACC Kickoff on Sunday, Kyle was asked if he would let his younger brother go to Clemson.

"No," he said, matter-of-factly.

Kyle, a junior, is determined to keep the Fuller tradition alive at Virginia Tech. The family ties began with the oldest of the four boys, Vincent, who's played in the NFL since 2005 with the Lions, Titans and Patriots.

The two in the middle are still in Blacksburg. Kyle was second-team All-ACC in 2011. There's also Corey, a walk-on wide receiver, who attended Kansas as a freshman on a track scholarship.

Kendall is a five-star cornerback, according to, and is ranked the No. 2 player at the position in the class of 2013.

Clemson and Virginia Tech are his two finalists.

"He's been handling it pretty well. I feel like before he makes his decision he'll definitely sit down and talk with everybody in the family," Kyle said. "So far, he's been having fun with it."

Part of that fun included a sharp new haircut while in Oregon for The Opening. Kendall sported a Virginia Tech logo on one side of his head and a Clemson tiger paw on the other.

"He has two schools," Kyle said. "It's been a lot of attention on which school he's going to go to. It kind of stirred up some stuff.

"Clemson was thinking it was something and Virginia Tech thinking it was something. I thought it was pretty cool."

Back when Kyle was a senior at Mount Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore, rated him as a three-star and ranked him the No. 83 cornerback in the class of 2010. His recruitment wasn't quite as hyped.

Kendall Fuller visited Clemson this weekend with his mother.
Part of that, he thinks, is because the recruiting process is much more different now than it was just a few years ago.

"It's like night and day," Kyle said. "…things change.

"I do wish I could have an opportunity like [Kendall] has now. I'm glad to see where he is, but I'm glad where I am."

Kyle, who will vie for first-team All-ACC honors this fall, sees a little bit of himself in Kendall. But, at the same time, he doesn't have a problem admitting who just might be the better player.

"I do see some similarities…I definitely see him similar to myself, maybe even better," Kyle said.

Some of that can be attributed to learning how to play the game from his three big brothers.

"There's some stuff that we might not even know that he's learned," Kyle said. "We'll see something and be like, where'd [Kendall] get that from? Vinny always says he gets it from me. I say he gets it from him. Just being around us, I guess that's how he learns it."

And big brother can't help but feel good about all the attention little brother has received over the last several months.

"I look at him. When I go see him at these 7-on-7s and stuff, he's doing really well out there. I'm proud of him. He works hard for it. He definitely works," Kyle said.

And he hopes that hard work pays off for the Hokies, not the Tigers. Top Stories