Morris continues to push the envelope

CLEMSON - A week into preseason camp, Clemson's second-year offensive coordinator Chad Morris has started to lose his voice.

That comes with the territory when you're going 110 percent, 100 percent of the time.

"We're not giving these guys an inch to breathe. It's time to take it to the next step, the next level. That's us," Morris said. "That's us pushing the tempo. I can't ask to be a fast-paced tempo team and me be back there sitting around walking slow. I've got to go fast, too."

He continued to channel his inner Ricky Bobby on Friday, the first two-a-day practice day on the preseason camp docket.

Friday marked the third day in full pads. Earlier in the week, after day one of practice in full pads, Morris wasn't satisfied with the physicality shown by a few of his linemen, but he is relatively pleased with the progress that's been made since then.

"The effort is there. I'm not questioning any of the effort," Morris said. "We've got to clean up some technique. That's our job as coaches to get that done. That'll happen. That will come with time. There are guys that are giving effort.

"Still have to get tougher in some areas, but that's what camp's for. I love the way we're practicing. We're practicing a lot of short-yardage, tough situations right now. That's what we need. The more we can get, the better we are."

SATURDAY SCRIMMAGE: Saturday will be the first of two preseason camp stadium scrimmages. Morris listed the areas he's putting an emphasis on when the team steps into Death Valley.

"One hundred percent ball security. That's the No. 1 thing we want to see," he said. "We know we're going to make mistakes. I want to see great tempo, effort, just a relentless four to six seconds of all they've got, every play."

Morris added, "That's what tomorrow's scrimmage is about."

NO. 2 QB JOB: Chad Kelly had the best practice of his young Clemson career on Friday morning. The freshman signal caller has already made an impact in the meeting room.

"He's very talented. He's got a drive and desire to be the best," Morris said. "He's making that whole room better. That whole quarterback room, he's making Tajh [Boyd] better. Tajh is making him better."

The competition for the No. 2 quarterback job, Morris said, is healthy.

"We need that in that room. There's nobody sitting back getting complacent," Morris said.

Kelly, Cole Stoudt and Morgan Roberts are jockeying for the backup job.

TURNING HEADS: Ryan Norton continues to make giant strides during preseason camp. The redshirt freshman from Mauldin has made a big jump since spring ball.

"Just his toughness," Morris said. "He doesn't talk to a whole lot of people, and those guys kind of scare me."

Norton has eve repped some with the first-team offensive line at center. Since he's shown enough improvement to warrant time with the first-team, Morris can work Dalton Freeman some at right tackle.

Thanks to the improvement by Norton, there's a bit more flexibility up front.

"Boy, he's taken great strides and [that's] really what we need in this camp. He's one of those surprises that we have to have," Morris said. Top Stories