Time for some separation

CLEMSON - Chad Morris expects these next four days to round out what will be a critical week for everyone on the offensive side of the ball.

The Tigers' second-year coordinator likened this week's round of preseason camp to Saturday at The Masters.

"This is a big week for a lot of these guys. There's a lot of pressure," Morris said. "We try to put them in adverse situations and add that pressure on top of them. We'll see.

"Some of them are really stepping up. Others are kind of letting it get to them. It's a big week. It's a week that you're going to see a lot of movement going on, a lot of shaking around going on right now."

He added, "All of them, every one of them, everybody – water boy, the whole bit, everybody. Everybody's job is uneasy right now, and it needs to be."

This season's opener with Auburn is now 18 days away and Morris is happy to have all those practice days to prepare for the Tigers.

"We've still got a long way to go, a long way to go," he said. "We've got some guys that we've challenged… They're doing a good job responding. The effort is good.

"We've just got to keep putting them in adverse situations right now. We're reaching those dog days of fall camp. It's our jobs as coaches to keep pushing and keep grinding."

In the first of Wednesday's two practices, the team will go through a situational scrimmage.

"I hope it's really hot, the wind's not blowing. We need that type of environment right now, to go along with the pressure that's being placed on these guys," Morris said.

IMPROVING ON THE GOAL LINE: The Clemson offense didn't score on any of the four goal line situations during last Saturday's stadium scrimmage.

Last season, the struggle in short-yardage situations was a recurring theme for the Tigers' offense.

"It doesn't matter what practice it is, it's huge," Morris said. "That's something we try to take great pride in. That's an area that we're focused on from last year that we've got to improve on, to be the championship-caliber football team that we want to be. So anytime we get a chance to practice that, that's something big for us.

"We practiced on that today. There were some good things. There were some bad things. There were some things we've got to keep improving on, keep working."

PROGRESS OF MARTAVIS: During the early portion of camp, Morris praised the progress by Martavis Bryant. After Tuesday's practice, he still had good things to say about the sophomore wide receiver.

"He's continuing to work. He's continuing to stride. He's learning on the run," Morris said.

Bryant continues to catch the eyes of the Clemson coaches.

"I would say Martavis has been a guy that is continuing to catch the attention of a lot of people in camp. I've been pleased with where he is," Morris said.

BACK IN THE MIX: Zac Brooks spent some camp time on the sideline with what was classified as a neck injury. He returned to the field on Monday.

"It'll be interesting to see him in the scrimmage tomorrow," Morris said.

Brooks won't be the only one.

"Tomorrow will be a big day for these guys. It'll be a big day, a good challenging day, to see how we respond," Morris said, "Trying to get everything set and ready. After this week, you'd like to have everything pretty set as you go into your final two weeks."

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