Hart Names his New Leaders

One of the top offensive linemen in the nation is starting to take a harder look at his favorites, as Spring Valley (SC) tackle Leon Hart has five schools high on his list. Where do the Tigers stand as the big guy gets ready to start practice?

OL Leon Hart
6-5, 285, 5.1
Spring Valley High School
Columbia, South Carolina

"I am going to break things down soon," says the 6-foot-5, 280 pounder. "I have narrowed it to a few schools that stand out in my mind. South Carolina and Florida are two that really look good right now.

"I know that South Carolina will be in my top five when I completely bring my list to five. I don't know if they will be my leader then, but there is a good possibility they will."

Hart knows he will ultimately cut his list to five schools by Thanksgiving, and three more teams are in position to make that list.

"I am really liking Penn State at this moment. I also like Clemson, and Ohio State as well. As always, that is subject to change because I don't know what other schools will get involved."

Hart does not want to cut any schools right now, but one has done so, and it was expected for quite some time.

"The only one that I cut was South Carolina State. All others are still on my list."

In case you don't remember, offensive coordinator Brad Scott is recruiting Hart to Clemson. We will continue to keep you updated on one of the south's top prospects, right up through signing day.

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