Round three with the Tigers

CLEMSON - Malliciah Goodman recounts the last two showdowns with Auburn and looks forward to this weekend's Rubber Match in the Georgia Dome.

Goodman, who played 12 snaps against Auburn in 2010, recorded a pair of tackles when the Tigers squared off on The Plains.

He played 54 snaps during last season's win and was in on three tackles and had a quarterback pressure.

The senior is ready to step on the field Saturday for the 7 p.m. showdown with Auburn.

How much anticipation is there to test this new defense out?
Goodman: I'm excited. It's been going great throughout this camp. It feels like the right players for the system. I can't wait to go out there and see how it goes.

What are you seeing from the Clemson offensive line?
Goodman: Just like the d-line, we have young guys. They want to compete. They want to get better. You see them out there working. Even me, they're asking me questions about their feet or what they do wrong on this play or that play. They want to learn, get better. You can see that they're competing. We'll see how it goes in this first game.

What all do you know about the guy that will be lining up across from you, Avery Young?
Goodman: The film, we saw the spring game. Obviously, in the spring game, the switch people up, to see how they work together. I don't really know how that will be in the game, playing against. We just watched them in the spring.

As a senior, will you take some of these other defensive line starters and give them some words of advice?
Goodman: Most of them know that it starts up front in a football game. If you win the battle up front, you have good odds of winning the game. We're going out and going to compete the hardest. If you get tired, tap out and let the next guy come in. The front four, we're a family, being brothers, being accountable for each other, I don't want to let them down. They don't want to let me down. That's the kind of bond that we have.

As a player, how is this week for you?
Goodman: I feel different. Before, you know who you're going against, what offense you're going to see, what players you are going against. You know what's going to happen on third-down, goal line, this and that. In a game, all those different phases of the game come together. You've got to be prepared. That's what practice and camp are all about, getting prepared mentally and physically for different situations that come in the game.

The first-time you played Auburn two years ago, everybody talked about how physical it was. What do you remember about that game?
Goodman: I just remember it was a live game. Everybody was full speed all the time. There was no guy letting up anywhere. It was great to see how all four quarters everybody was just bashing heads. That's what won and lost the game, which was more physical and going to dominate their guy every snap. I think that's what we're working with this week. It's all about now just being prepared and going out there and doing what you're supposed to do.

How about the game last year here? Same deal, real physical?
Goodman: I don't know that it was as [physical] as it was the first time we played them. It's always going to be a physical battle. Top Stories