1-on-1 with Grayson's Mickey Conn

LOGANVILLE, Ga. - Following Grayson's 35-3 win over Miami Central on Friday, CUTigers sat down with Grayson head coach Mickey Conn.

So, 35-3, that's what you guys had in mind while game planning for Miami Central?
Conn: We weren't thinking like that. We were hoping.

What was working for you guys?
Conn: They put a lot of guys in the box to stop the run and we were able to hit some deep passes on them. Tried to back them off, but they still didn't back off. When we went up 21-3, we kind of slowed the pass game down and grind out the clock. They have such big play capability over there on their side, but our defense was just awesome.

Wayne [Gallman] joked that his nickname around here was butterfingers. Did y'all surprise some folks with his catches?
Conn: I'm not surprised. It's one of those things we do it because it gets to Wayne. We like picking on him. Wayne's hands, he's improved so much. He's been wanting to prove that to us, so we went to it. Heck, he can do this, he's fine. He can catch it. He's going to catch it at the next level, so we might as well start doing it.

What are your thoughts on the Miami Central running backs?
Conn: Dalvin Cook and Joseph Yearby, I thought those two guys, they could go at anytime. They were definitely the horses on their team.

Lots of Clemson folks were here tonight to watch all the commitments…
Conn: I'll tell you what, Dabo [Swinney] is putting a good class together. Of course, our players are great players. Dalvin Cook, he's one step away. The guy's really talented, really quick, great feet, great vision. He's a good player…I have a great respect for that kid's ability.

So, you and Dabo were roommates back at Alabama?
Conn: We roomed during a bowl game. We played church softball together, went to church, played church basketball, just kind of grew up together over there at Alabama. [He's] just a class act, really a good friend.

I met him while I was down there [in Tuscaloosa]. Dabo was kind of a mentor to me. He was there about two years before I got there. I came in, he kind of took me under his wing and showed me how things worked, was very encouraging to me in that process, being away from home. The football side and all of that, he really encouraged me.

He's such a positive guy. Clemson's lucky to have a guy like him.

You guys have had some good players here. What's it been like having Robert [Nkemdiche], Wayne and those other guys -- what's it been like, the focus on them?
Conn: I've been really proud of the way my team has handled it, because that can be division caused when something like that happens. You've got these kids getting offers and other kids might get jealous -- it hasn't been that way. These guys haven't rubbed it in [teammates'] noses. They're really unified. That unity is what brings victory out there on the field. They understand that. I have a great appreciation for those boys that have the scholarship offers and the ones that don't that are contributing.

There were a lot of good plays out there tonight. We have a very average sized offensive line that was just knocking people off the ball, making holes. Jordan Germany is a kid, he ripped off a long run tonight, a long one last week. He got to show his speed. He's a kid that's 5-10, 200 pounds that doesn't have an offer right now. He's got the same speed [Gallman's] got. He is very talented. I'm hoping that tonight will be a good showcase for him, for somebody to see what he's capable of doing.

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