Keeping his head on straight

CLEMSON - There won't be any finger pointing by Tajh Boyd. But if you're a Clemson fan, chances are you've already taken care of that.

Boyd lost his helmet three times in the Auburn game. Per the new NCAA rule, after each of the three times the helmet was removed from his head, Boyd was required to sit out the next play.

"It was humid and I was sweating, but it wasn't just popping off," Boyd said. "It had a little help out there. I'm not going to make any accusations."

As for the new rule, he could do without it.

"The rule is terrible," Boyd said. "If you keep running when your helmet's off, you get a 15-yard penalty added on to that."

Dabo Swinney said the Clemson staff will keep their No. 2 quarterback loose throughout the game, just as long as the rule is in place.

"We're going to start trying to keep our guy warm while the defense is out there, give him some snaps and some tosses just to have a guy ready," Swinney said. "Most of the time, when the quarterback goes down, he's hurt or you've kind of planned for it ahead of time.

"When he's hurt, you've got time to take snaps, warm up. When he's just cold like that, it's totally different. That's the challenge at that position."

Fortunately, for Clemson, the rule didn't affect the outcome of the game. And Boyd put together a solid performance.

He completed 24 of 34 of passes for 208 yards with a touchdown, and added 58 yards rushing on 19 carries.

The Tigers scored 26 points and put up 528 yards on 87 plays.

They scored only two touchdowns and settled for four field goals. Last year's ACC Championship MVP would prefer to put six on the board, not three.

"I felt like those are four touchdowns we should have had…so much more out there for us," Boyd said. "I just wanted to be that much [more] perfect right now.

"At the same time, that's the exciting part about it, too, because of the type of players we have and the type of explosiveness that we have."

All Boyd tries to do is facilitate.

"Me, I'm like the point guard dishing it out. Those guys are going to make the plays. I'm just excited to have weapons like that," he said.

As long as he can keep his hat on, Boyd could have another record-setting season dishing the rock. Top Stories