Shatley makes smooth transition

CLEMSON - CUTigers talks with Tyler Shatley after a strong start for Clemson's offensive line against Auburn.


Tyler Shatley moved from defensive tackle to right guard during spring practice to help bolster Clemson's young offensive line.

So far, so good.

Shatley helped pave the way for 320 rushing yards against No. 25 Auburn last Saturday night as Clemson's interior offensive line shined under the national spotlight.

Shatley appeared on CUTigers publisher Roy Philpott's daily sports talk show Tuesday to talk about Clemson's season-opening win. Here is an edited transcript of that interview:

Tyler, you played over 100 snaps Saturday, what was that like to go from what you were doing last year to that amount of playing time this year?
Shatley: Yes sir, it was a big change from last year when I played on defense and got maybe 40 snaps a game. I was really exited how the game went.

I'm told they may back your role down a little this week, and not do as much punt team and field goal team. Is that the case?
Shatley: I'm going to still do field goals, but someone else will get in there to cover the punts, someone a little quicker.

The performance of the offensive line Saturday night was strong. The interior especially- you, Dalton, and David Beasley looked dominant. Would you say you guys were one of the strengths of the team after the game?
Shatley: Auburn has a great line. We played well together, that's the biggest thing. We got on some double teams together and it worked well.

I asked Dalton Freaman how big of a motivating factor this off season it was to be asked so many questions about the offensive line, whether or not this unit would be able to hold their own. Did that doubt help light a fire for you Saturday night?
Shatley: Oh yeah, a lot of people had questions this summer. We used that as the driving force this summer in the weight room and when we were running during the two-a-days. It's just something that keeps you working hard and makes you not want to quit.

Did you expect the transition from defensive to offensive line to go as smoothly as it did for you this weekend?
Shatley: I was hoping it would go as smoothly as it did. I was ready for some mistakes, and I knew it would be a tough game. It did go well, I didn't expect it to go that well. It helps a lot to have Dalton and Gifford beside me.

What's the hardest transition to make between defense and offense?
Shatley: Going from pass rushing to pass blocking, definitely. Pass rushing you are going full speed trying to get to the quarterback. Pass blocking is a lot harder than pass rushing.

As well as you played last week, you've got to keep up that same momentum this week against Ball State. How difficult is it to get geared back up for a game, not an SEC opponent and not in the Georgia Dome?
Shatley: We talk about it every week, it's another faceless and nameless opponent. We've got to go out there and play the same game we played last week. We can't look at it like it's a non-SEC opponent.

What about Ball State defensively? Is this a team that could give you some problems? What have you noticed on film?
Shatley: We haven't watched a whole lot of film yet. We watched some Monday and did some personnel things. They've got some big guys up front that can play well, and they move a lot and that will test us. As long as we go out and do what we're supposed to do, we'll be alright.

How about coming back here and playing your first home game in quite some while? You have played five games away. How will it feel to be back in front of your home fans?
Shatley: It will be nice, especially because in the Dome there was a lot of noise. It will be nice to be back in Death Valley and have most people cheering for us instead of 50/50. Top Stories