Where was Montravius Adams?

Scout.com's No. 1 defensive tackle wasn't able to make it to Clemson for the Ball State game. What happened? CUTigers talked with the five-star standout Saturday night to get the latest.

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Montravius Adams, the No. 1 defensive tackle in America according to Scout.com, was expected to be in Clemson today with mother.

But it didn't happen.

CUTigers caught up with the five-star standout Saturday night to see what kept him from Tigertown and what's on his agenda next:

You didn't make it to Clemson for the game today. Did something come up?
Adams: Yeah, I was really tired after my game last night. We won 21-12. I was really tired today. I want my mom to see Clemson though. I let the Clemson coaches know I couldn't make it.

Did you catch any of the Clemson game on television?
Adams: Yeah, I did. They looked good. I feel like I could help out the rush defense. Coach Venables is making them better.

Are you going to make it to Clemson this season?
Adams: I want to make it to a game. Maybe the Virginia Tech one. I think I'm going to the Florida State-Clemson game with my mom.

Did you watch any other games today? Auburn is recruiting you pretty hard, did you catch their game?
Adams: I didn't know Auburn played today. Did they win?

They lost to Mississippi State in Starkville. Would you say that Clemson and Auburn are two teams that are recruiting you the hardest?
Adams: No, not really. All the ACC and SEC schools talk to me a lot.

What do you like about Coach Trooper Taylor at Auburn? Adams: He has a lot of energy. So does Coach Venables. There are a lot of similarities between Coach Trooper and Coach Venables. I like Coach Caldwell a lot too. He's more laid-back.

What are you looking for most in a school?
Adams: I just want a great place to be. I want a good education and my Mama has to like it. I like small towns because I'm from a small town.

Is early playing time important?
Adams: It's important. I do not want to red-shirt.

What have you told your mom about Clemson?
Adams: I've told her I like Clemson and that I want her to see it and meet the coaches.

Do you keep in touch with any of the players at Clemson?
Adams: Yeah I like Sammy. He's a good player. I talk to all the guys on defense.

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