Melton May Commit on Monday

High Point's Mario Melton, an outstanding athlete from North Carolina, is planning to visit Clemson on July 21. caught up with Melton this morning and we've got the latest on his visit plans and his thoughts on a commitment.

WR Mario Melton
6-2, 190, 4.45
TW Andrews High School
High Point, North Carolina

The 6-2, 190 pound prospect will be heading to Clemson Monday morning with his coach. "My coach and I are leaving at 6 AM Monday morning to go visit Clemson. This will be my first visit to Clemson."

Melton plans to workout for the coaches when he visits on Monday. "I'm going to workout and show the coaches how well I can catch the ball. Coach O'Cain will be there to watch me."

The Tigers may be close to picking up another commitment as Melton feels like a commitment on Monday is definitely possible. "I'm feeling like I might. Me and my coach will talk about it on the way down."

What are the chances that Melton will commit on his visit? "The chances are 85 to 90 percent that I will commit on my visit," said Melton.

How do his parents feel about a possible commitment to the Tigers? "They've told me they are fine with whatever I want to do. They said if I feel happy doing it then to go ahead."

The T Wingate Andrew star says his coach is also very supportive. "He's told me he likes my top two choices and that I can't go wrong with either." Clemson and Wake Forest are the top two schools for Melton. Wake Forest is recruiting the prize recruit as an athlete while the Tigers are recruiting him as a receiver.

Clemson: "I like how they run the hill. The crowd is always into the game. It's a small place and everyone knows you."

Wake Forest: "It's small but it's great too. I wouldn't mind going there either."

We will continue to keep you posted on this outstanding athlete from North Carolina, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories