Q&A with LaDontae Harris

LaDontae Harris became the first wide receiver commitment for the Clemson Tigers this morning as Coach Dabo Swinney showed that he still knows how to get the top talent from Alabama. CUTigers.com caught up with the latest Clemson commitment as he was driving home with his father and teammate Jazz Johnson.

WR LaDontae Harris
Litchfield High School
Gadsden, Alabama

Tell us about your commitment this morning?
Harris: I was talking to coach Bowden, actually me and my dad were talking to him. He asked how I felt about Clemson. He asked if I would like to make this my home. I told him I wanted to come to Clemson. Then he asked my dad if he agreed with my decision. My dad told him he agreed.

How did you feel about Head Coach Tommy Bowden?
Harris: This was the first time I met Coach Bowden. He was nice guy. He was up front with me. He told me everything I need to know. He said they would graduate 2 or 3. He said he needs 8 receivers ready to play. He told me he would sign enough to replace the ones he will lose this season.

How do you feel now that you have made your commitment?
Harris: I'm glad it's over. It takes a lot of the pressure off. Now I don't have to worry later on about what school to go to next year.

How did you like the campus?
Harris: It was pretty big. They showed us everything. We got to step on the field and walk down the hill.

What did you think of the stadium?
Harris: It was very nice. I liked it a lot. I think Jazz liked it too.

Did you meet any of the current players?
Harris: I met 2 of the current receivers, Tony Elliot and Curtis Baham. They were real nice. They talked to Jazz and me. They told us how they liked it.

How firm is the commitment?
Harris: It's very firm.

Will it make a difference if any other schools come along with an offer?
Harris: It won't make any difference. I want to play for Clemson.

What was the reaction of your teammate Jazz Johnson?
Harris: He was happy for me and he congratulated me. He said he might commit if they offer. He says he feels good about Clemson now.

What did you think about the small town atmosphere?
Harris: I like it a lot. It's a good way not to get in trouble. Coach Bowden told me that if you want to find trouble here you would have to look for it.

What was the highlight of the day for you?
Harris: Stepping on the field. Coach Swinney asked me how it would feel to hear LaDontae Harris going for a TD.

How did your visit meet your expectations?
Harris: It was definitely more than I expected. It was great.

LaDontae's father also took time to talk with CUTigers.com as they were driving back home.

What did you think about your son committing to the Tigers?
Mr. Harris: I'm kind of glad the pressure is off. The coaches have been calling and writing so much. Now he can focus on his upcoming season.

What did you think about Clemson overall?
Mr. Harris: I was real impressed. I especially liked the philosophy to leave no student behind. I could tell they care about the student athlete. They will do everything they can to help you. If you don't graduate then it's because of you. Even after your college career they still keep in touch with you.

How did you feel about the coaches?
Mr. Harris: The coaches were real nice. They were real up front. They laid their cards on the table. They really showed a deep interest in him as a person as well as an athlete.

We would like to thank LaDontae and his father for taking time to share their special day with CUTigers.com.

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