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CLEMSON - Offensive coordinator Chad Morris breaks down Zac Brooks' progress, what Sammy Watkins has been up to and the reserves on the line.

What have you've seen from Zac Brooks?
Morris: Zac was able to get in. I think he had 20-something snaps -- 20-22 snaps -- somewhere in there. He had one mental mistake, which was going the wrong way. But it was good. It was good to see him catch a ball. It was good to see him run the football. He, too, a lot like some of those younger guys up front, they hit a wall and you try to pull them through it…but Zac's going to be OK. There ain't no doubt. We're excited about Zac. I think he sees he's got to continue to get bigger. He's got to get stronger. He's got to become more mentally tough through the whole process, as all young players do. It's not just Zac. It was good to see him get some quality reps. I think that's going to be a big plus for us down the road.

What kind of work do you want to give to Sammy, it being his first game back?
Morris: The thing you've got to do, he's got to get in and get his work in. We've got to get him up to speed, get back the timing on a lot of things. I anticipate Sammy playing as if he would in a normal situation. We've got to get some good, quality reps in for Sammy. He's got to get to game speed. He'll be ready for that.

More on Watkins…
Morris: I told Sammy I didn't know if he could start for us right now. It was good. Sammy's done a great job of helping those younger guys out, and really being a coach out there. It was good to see him on the sidelines communicating with those guys, communicating with Tajh. Sammy was coming up to me during the course of the game, telling me things he was seeing. Those are things that you really like to see. Obviously, we know what kind of player Sammy Watkins is, and what he's going to add to this offense. They've been playing pretty well for the first couple of weeks. That's all it has been, two good games, offensively -- big deal. What are you going to do now? Now, to get Sammy back, it's going to energize us.

Which reserves graded out the best against Ball State?
Morris: Kalon [Davis] had some good moments. Isaiah Battle, Joe Gore, they both graded out OK -- they had some good things. Spencer Region played a lot of snaps. He did some good things. Probably the best of all of them was Ryan Norton. Ryan, right now, is head and shoulders above -- if you want to look at all those reserves up front -- Ryan Norton is that guy that is really playing well. Again, it's no surprise, because, during fall camp, he was the guy. He was the guy that was really playing well. He was the guy put in, because of Dalton's situation, because he had to. He's been really good, in that regard.

Can you talk about Furman a little bit?
Morris: Furman is one of the more winningest programs, overall, in that conference and division. They're very much tradition-rich. I know they took Florida to all they wanted for most of the game last year. Watching that, I know they're coming in 0-2, but they well could be 2-0 as they are 0-2. Going back to last week, I've been on that side of the ball. Those guys, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain out of this. I think it was just a short year ago that we played a Wofford team that came in here in a real similar situation and gave us all we wanted. This group is, they're going to look for anything positive that they can build on. To come in here, I guarantee this going to be a highlight of their young season. We're going to get their best shot. I can guarantee you that. Top Stories