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CLEMSON - Offensive coordinator Chad Morris talks about Tajh Boyd's patience, Florida State's defensive line and the pace of play.

Are you concerned that Tajh has maybe been taking some chances against some defenses that aren't as fast as what he'll see this week?
Morris: No. I think Tajh has done a really good job this year. There were some instances last week when, maybe, he lost a little bit of an edge on a couple of plays and tried to force the ball. We haven't seen that in him this year. I think he's got to continue to manage the game and make good decisions with the football, whether that's pull the ball down and run -- he's done a good job with that. But, no, I think Tajh has played well. I think that's got to continue, obviously.

What's it say about their depth on the defensive line now that they've lost Brandon Jenkins?
Morris: I think that's one of the things that really stands out, is their depth at all positions. They've got depth in the secondary. Their interior front of the defense, they're rotating six, seven guys in. They've got great depth. It allows them to try to keep those guys fresh, especially late in the games. They haven't had a chance to play four solid quarters. With that being said, you know they're going to be fresh. They're going to be ready.

Are they doing anything different, schematically that you didn't see last year from them?
Morris: No, absolutely not. The only thing I can say they're doing, they're pressing up more out on the edge. They have been the last three opponents that they've played. They're trying to disrupt you, trying to play straight across sometimes, lockdown press you, to see if you can get off press coverage. We saw that last year. They pressed us a little bit last year. But, overall, they're not going to change what they do for us. They're going to do what they do and what's made them successful, likewise with us. We're going to do what we do.

Is this where tempo can really be an advantage, to keep teams from substituting?
Morris: I think you've got to play great tempo this week, as we have all year long. To this point, I think our tempo has been really good. I think it's no different. You do what you do. We're not going to change who we are. I think tempo is very critical for us, as it is every week. We need to be snapping the ball with 32-33 seconds on the clock, to see if we can't push the limits in that regard.

Do they blitz in obvious passing downs?
Morris: They'll bring a little pressure. They will. From the opponents that we've seen to this point, they haven't had to pressure a whole lot. They're going to bring some pressure. They'll get in their odd front and they'll bring the walk-around guy and bring pressure off that.

Your starting five on the offensive line hasn't played together since the Auburn game. Is that a concern?
Morris: It is, a little bit. We've got to get them back in there. They're, obviously, practicing together. We made the decision to hold them out last week, try to make sure they get back healthy again. We've got to really push those guys. This, week, we've got to do a great job as a coaching staff of really challenging those guys and being physical. That's something that we lost a little bit last week. We weren't quite as physical as I wanted them to be, even though we did have some guys in there that hadn't been used to playing. It was a great opportunity for them to show how to be a little bit more physical, and they did, at times, but they weren't as consistent as I wanted them to be, what we wanted as an offensive staff. Top Stories