Third-down Brown

CLEMSON - Senior wide receiver Jaron Brown talks about his role in the Clemson offense and this weekend's upcoming game against Georgia Tech.

We all know Sammy Watkins and DeAndre Hopkins get the attention. But it seems like when Clemson needs a third-down conversion, there you are. Do you pride yourself on that part of the game?
Brown: Yeah, definitely. I just want to make a play whenever my name's called. Tajh did a great job of delivering me the ball. Whenever it's in my threshold, I just want to come down with it.

How much work did you put in the offseason, to improve your ball skills?
Brown: A lot of work. It just goes back to the skills and drills, the 7-on-7, passing league against the defense. The defense did a good job during camp and again in the skills and drills.

What's your mentality when going over the middle?
Brown: I really don't think about it. It's just something that I go out there and focus on the ball, small eyes to the ball. That's what coach [Jeff] Scott says when we're doing drills…that kind of helps in those situations.

Small eyes to the ball?
Brown: Just focusing on the ball, just kind of narrowing in on the ball. That's something coach [Dabo] Swinney and coach Scott say a lot. He tells all the receivers that. That's something I focus on during the games.

What kind of a relationship have you built with Tajh, to where he trusts you to be the tough guy over the middle and making a third-down catch?
Brown: It's a good relationship. Tajh is liable to throw it anywhere. You've just got to better when he throws it.

Obviously, a big rivalry game against Georgia Tech this weekend. What's the mindset going into this game?
Brown: It's another game. We've got to practice for it just like any other game, prepare. I'm pretty sure the coaches will do a great job installing the game plan.

Do you guys not even think about what happened against Georgia Tech last year?
Brown: No, not at all. We approach it like every game. This week, just focus on the game. Review the film, look at the matchups.

What do you remember about that game last year?
Brown: Not much. I know turnovers were key during the game. That's one thing. If you turn the ball over, you're not going to win very many ball games. That's one thing we've got to focus on this week. Top Stories