Dabo offers rebuttal

CLEMSON - After practice Wednesday night, Dabo Swinney returned serve in the verbal joust with South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier.

The match commenced during the week of the ACC Championship game when Swinney went on his now famous "tweet that" rant.

It picked up steam earlier this week when Spurrier offered a jab during his Tuesday press conference to preview South Carolina's game at LSU.

"Most of our guys have never been to Death Valley," Spurrier said, referring to the stadium in Baton Rouge. "That is the Death Valley, isn't it? Or is there another one? There's two of them? That's right there's two Death Valleys. Was LSU the first one or the second one? They were first? Oh, OK."

Swinney, when asked for his thoughts on the comment, said:

"It's amazing people are interested in Clemson so much. First, for the record, the original Death Valley is right here. In case anybody has any doubts, it's right here. That's the original Death Valley. Can we all agree on that?"

He added, "I can see where he might have a little confusion. Our guys have never been to USC. California is a long way from here. I can see where there can be a little confusion there. There are two Death Valleys and two USCs. There's only one real one.

"But, anyway, coach Spurrier -- that's classic Spurrier."

Swinney went on to compliment Spurrier and the team he's riding high with through six games this season.

"When he's winning, you can say whatever you want. He's one of the best. He's had more lines than anybody probably ever will. They've got a heck of a football team, I'll tell you that, a heck of a team."

Yes, it's a bye week in Clemson.

Actual football was discussed after Clemson's practice on Wednesday, like the statuses of Martavis Bryant [groin] and D.J. Howard [shoulder], both of whom have returned to the practice field.

"They've been able to pretty much do everything this week. So far, they've looked good," Swinney said.

For the players, this week is spent revaluating the reflection in the mirror and taking a look at who's up next on the schedule -- Virginia Tech. Not at any point during the bye week will the players look ahead to Wake Forest.

That right is reserved to the coaches, and for good reason.

After Clemson returns from the bye on Oct.20, there's quick turnaround trip to Wake Forest on tap just five days later.

"As a staff we've already done some preliminary work. Obviously, you know your schedule coming in…that way, when you come in on Sunday you're not starting from scratch and feel like you're behind all week long." Swinney said.

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