Minor Violation Update

As promised yesterday in the previous article, I have a brief update that should close the book on the secondary violation committed by Assistant Coach Dabo Swinney. Once again, CUTigers.com went Clemson's Compliance Director, Becky Bowman for all the answers.

Since last night, I have been in contact with Clemson's Compliance Director, Becky Bowman. As I said in the previous article, Mrs. Bowman will not talk specifically about the actual violation in question or Coach Swinney. However, Mrs. Bowman laid out the procedure that will takes place on cases similar to these.

"Most times when secondary violations occur as a result of miscommunication - schools will explain how the miscommunication occurred and how it will be improved in the future", Bowman said Wednesday.

After that information is gathered and sent to the NCAA infractions committee, the process shifts out of Clemson's hands. The NCAA committee will then determine if the actions taken are sufficient by Clemson University and the Compliance Department. "We will impose corrective actions and most often the NCAA agrees with those actions", Bowman explained.

Based on the conversations with Mrs. Bowman and with several sources close to the situation, it does appear that Coach Swinney did indeed commit a secondary violation by running with Kelvin Grant this summer.

The key to the puzzle is the manner in which Clemson will disseminate the reasons for the violation being committed and the corrective actions that will take place. Apparently, Clemson will contend to the NCAA that Swinney's violation was inadvertent and the result of simply not understanding the context of the rule. Hence the way Bowman responded to the NCAA that the violation was "result of miscommunication."

In addition, it appears that regardless of how many times Swinney may have run with Grant the extent of the violation will remain the same. In other words, Swinney running 10 times with Grant instead of just once does not imply that a more severe punishment is in order.

Mrs. Bowman did not indicate what the "corrective actions" might be in this case for Swinney, but she again emphasized that this is a result of "miscommunication" of the context of a rule.

If any more information becomes available on this situation, we will update it right here at CUTigers.com.

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