Actions speak louder than words

CLEMSON - DeAndre Hopkins' ideal stage is the gridiron, that's where he prefers to do his talking. He'd rather avoid the rolling cameras and hot microphones.

On Monday afternoon, the junior wide receiver affectionately known as Nuk graced the media with his presence, making a made a rare interview appearance.

"I just let my play do the talking. There's really not too much that needs to be said. I feel like if anything needs to be said it's politicking," Hopkins said.

But he's been in high demand this season, for good reason, too.

Hopkins is second in the country with 777 yards receiving, tied for third with eight touchdown catches and tied for 10th with 49 receptions. He leads the ACC in all three categories.

"I projected myself doing this, honestly. I knew they were going to double-team Sammy [Watkins] and all that good stuff," Hopkins said.

He added, "I've been doing this since my freshman year, so it's really not a surprise to me. It might be to some people, but I knew I could do this since my freshman year. I feel like I showed people that. To come out and have this big a season, I guess it's a surprise to some."

Hopkins put up some pretty gaudy numbers during his first two seasons at Clemson.

As a freshman, he caught 52 passes for 637 yards and scored four touchdowns. Hopkins caught 72 passes for 978 yards and hauled in five touchdowns as a sophomore.

Before this season, Hopkins had a school-record 4.8 catches per game and a school-record 62.1 receiving yards per game. He's one of two players in ACC history to have at least 50 receptions as both a freshman and sophomore.

There's speculation that Hopkins will forgo his senior season to enter the NFL Draft.

"That's not really in my thoughts," he said. "I'm capturing this moment right now and enjoying every day, every minute of what's going on right now.

"[When] you think about long-term, you kind of forget to have fun right now, so I'm not worried about all that."

Clemson fans certainly hope that Hopkins will be back for his senior season.

Opponents probably feel otherwise. Hopkins has caused plenty of headaches over the last two-plus seasons for defensive coordinators around the ACC. Top Stories