The latest on Naquez Pringle

Naquez Pringle, the No. 2 ranked defensive tackle in South Carolina's loaded class of 2014, has offers from both Clemson and South Carolina.

DT Naquez Pringle Profile rates Pringle as a three-star prospect and ranks him as the No. 14 defensive tackle in the class of 2014.

The Carver's Bay High School junior recently caught up with CUTigers to give the latest on his recruitment.

Where all have you been for visits this fall?
Pringle: I've only been to Carolina so far. I went when they played Georgia.

How was that trip to Columbia?
Pringle: It was great. It was unbelievable. Everything was so exhausting. The walk, the people were all hyped up and everything. It was a very good experience and a different environment.

How many games have you been to at Carolina?
Pringle: That was my first game.

Do you have any other plans to go back to Carolina or anywhere else for games this fall?
Pringle: I'm trying to go back to Carolina. I know for sure that I'm going to Clemson pretty soon.

When do you want to go to Clemson?
Pringle: I'm trying to go this weekend, but if I can't, I'll go to the next home game.

Which Clemson games did you go to last year?
Pringle: Wake Forest.

Outside of your two offers from Clemson and Carolina, what other schools have you been hearing from?
Pringle: North Carolina, N.C. State, Alabama, LSU, Florida, Mississippi State, the list goes on, Georgia Tech.

Do you have any favorites?
Pringle: Carolina, Clemson, Alabama, LSU, North Carolina.

Is that in any order?
Pringle: No particular order, they're just sticking out.

What sticks out to you with Clemson?
Pringle: The atmosphere. Top Stories