Mondays with Morris

CLEMSON - Chad Morris had to bite his tongue before he recapped Saturday's 38-17 win over Virginia Tech.

Clemson put together one of the worst performances by a Morris led offense since he entered the college ranks in 2010.

Although the Tigers' offense managed to put 31 points on the board, they gained just 295 yards on 65 plays. They had more three-and-outs [six] and more sacks allowed [five] than touchdowns [four].

"I'm going to be just as nice and as G-rated version as I can be about this," Morris said. "We were lethargic.

"You could look at the first three plays of the game -- two of the first three plays you take two sacks to start the game out."

And those sacks seemed to linger with the quarterback.

"From the rest of the game forward, you had a hard time of getting Tajh [Boyd] to be able to step up in the pocket, and that was causing balls to sail," Morris said. "He wasn't on his game. He was definitely off. I give [Virginia Tech] credit, but in the same sense, that's definitely unacceptable from our guys.

"Whether it was the open that we had a lot of rust on us, the timing was off -- all that's excuse. That's just bull corn in my opinion. We just weren't on. I know there are going to be days like that, but that's not acceptable and we're not going to accept days like that."

But Morris wouldn't place all of the blame on Boyd and the offensive line.

"It was a complete effort," Morris said. "It was my fault as much as those guys' fault, too. I've got to put them in a better situation to be successful."

Morris, Boyd, the offensive line and the rest of the Clemson offense has an opportunity to atone for Saturday's performance with a Thursday night trip to Wake Forest.

"I'm glad it's a short week. I know Tajh is glad it's a short week. He shared that with me several times, to get back and get ready to go," Morris said. "To go into an environment we're going to go in and play, it's going to be a great challenge for us."

The Demon Deacons rank 73rd in the country in total defense [405 yards], 74th in scoring defense [28 points], 56th in pass efficiency defense [127.81 rating] and 85th in rushing defense [183.7 yards].

"They haven't changed what they're doing from last year," Morris said. "They're an odd front. They're going to do a lot of movement up front -- they do a really good job."

He added, "Coming into our game last year, I thought their secondary was as good a secondary as anybody that we had in our conference. After playing them, I though the same thing. Everything held true.

"They've got a lot of those guys back. Up front, they do a lot of movement. They're very disruptive. They bring a lot of pressure. Then, they'll just rush three and drop eight." Top Stories