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CLEMSON - Coming off the Virginia Tech game, offensive coordinator Chad Morris talks about the short turnaround to Wake Forest and more.

Was Virginia Tech a motivated defense that wanted to get your guys or are there things that you have to correct?
Morris: I think that you've got to give them credit. We saw the week before that they were playing inspired against Duke. He had made some changes. I think you saw that carry forward to Saturday. I think they had a good plan. Obviously, they played hard. I do want to give them credit. With that being said, I thought our performance was very lethargic.

How do you fix all of it on a short week?
Morris: I don't know. I think a lot of it is them watching, film study and just having them ready to go. Those guys having themselves mentally prepared to get back out and get that taste out of their mouth, of not playing well. You say that, but you don't play well and you don't win a ball game, that's a great day. There's no such thing as an ugly win. You may not play well. You may win ugly, but a win is great and we're extremely excited about a win. Let's don't lose focus about that. For us to achieve the goals for our self that we've set here, we've got to play better than that.

You weren't able to take any shots downfield in the second half? Was it on the offensive line not getting any knock out there?
Morris: No, I don't think so. I really don't. We were just trying to pick up first-downs. We had six three-and-outs. Anytime you go three-and-out, you take three more plays off the game. We snapped the ball 67 times and we had six three-and-outs. That's 18 more plays if you don't have the three-and-outs. I was just trying to get first-downs. We were missing things. You can say what you want to. It was a complete effort. It was my fault as much as those guys' fault, too. I've got to do a better job of putting them in a situation to be more successful. In the same sense, we've got guys open and are going to have to hit those. Tajh has done a good job of that this year. He couldn't get in a rhythm. Therefore, when he couldn't get into a rhythm, nobody could get into a rhythm...once you get that first first-down, things pick up.

Did you sense anything before the game?
Morris: No, shows what I know. Pre-game was good, talking with them, having our meetings that morning. The open week was great. We loved the open week. it was a chance for us to get re-charged and get going. You have a tendency, your timing gets off. Just out of sync.

Dabo said it was the worst performance by the offensive line this year. Is that what you saw?
Morris: Oh, yeah. Complete mechanics. Not just from them, but the quarterback as well. We missed some pick-ups and some pass-pro. It's just something that was really uncharacteristic of what we've done this year. Coming off an open week and [Virginia Tech] didn't do anything different than we thought they were going to do. We just weren't as sharp as we needed to be.

You not concerned about it then, you're going to fix it?
Morris: We're going to fix it. Oh, we're going to fix it. Am I concerned about it? No. I'm not concerned about it. What concerns me is we don't have a whole lot of depth behind them. That's what concerns me. Therefore, we don't have guys pushing each other. Sometimes, we get into that situation, ‘Hey, nobody is going to push me.' They're working hard, but it's a little different when you know that somebody is nipping at your heels. Top Stories