Freeman's Take: The new o-linemen

Dalton Freeman's coaches and peers liken him to a coach on the field. So we went to him for some perspective on Clemson's newest offensive linemen.

Dalton Freeman, a redshirt senior, entered this season with more career snaps than the combined total of every offensive lineman on the Clemson roster.

The Rimington Award Trophy finalist, who has a future in professional football, also has all the makings of a football coach.

So why not get his take on Clemson's two newly converted offensive linemen?

Eric MacLain

To the delight of a number of Clemson fans, it was announced earlier this season that the redshirt freshman would begin the transformation from tight end to offensive tackle.

"He's used to our blocking scheme, used to what we're doing, knows the plays…Eric's looked really good out at tackle," Freeman said. "In our offense, we use a lot of tight end to do some blocking, so tight end could be a natural fit for him.

"I think he was trying to starve himself to keep his weight down at tight end. Now, he's going to be able to eat and get heavier and play offensive line, so I think it will be a great transition."

Jerome Maybank

During preseason camp, Maybank was moved to the offensive line from defensive tackle. Given the change in scenery, it's taken some time for Maybank to adjust.

"He's getting there. He's still in the process of trying to pick up the plays," Freeman said. "We do all of the teaching in the spring and in camp, so we won't have a lot of time to sit down with him and teach him, because we're on a week to week basis trying to prepare for an opponent.

"But he's out there. He's like a sponge, trying to learn everything he can. You can see the improvements in one-on-one pass rush and when we throw him in there on inside run drills." Top Stories