Dabo updates Ellington's status

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney gives the latest on the health of Andre Ellington and looks ahead to this weekend's homecoming game against Maryland.

What's the outlook with Ellington?
Swinney: He practiced, looked pretty good today. He did all of our team stuff and looked pretty good, so I expect him to play.

Same with Brandon Ford?
Swinney: Oh, yeah. Brandon practiced yesterday and today. [Bashaud] Breeland is still a little limited, but he should be OK. He's got that groin issue that he's been dealing with. Other than that, I think we're in pretty good shape. Ellington looked good today.

Has it been a bit of a challenge trying to simulate Maryland and what they do with their quarterback?
Swinney: No, not really. We put [Nick] Schuessler in No. 31. That's the biggest thing, just the number. They're going to do what they do, as far as what we've seen, to prepare for -- zone read, wildcat, option. Their pass package is what it is. I really expect them to be better this week, as far as throwing the ball and all that kind of stuff. He made a couple of nice throws, but missed some. Again, this is a guy that's playing quarterback with live bullets for the first time since high school. He hadn't worked at it all year. Now that he's kind of played a game and had another to week to settle in and hone in, we've got to be prepared. They've got guys that can make plays. They can run the football and this quarterback can run the football. We've got to be able to defense. We're just practicing like we do every week for what we think they're going to do. You never can truly simulate what you're going to see on game day.

Do they do a lot of cover one, cover zero, man press?
Swinney: No. They're more of a quarters team. They will blitz you, bring a lot of zone pressure, field pressure, a lot of corner cat. They're a little bit more of a zone concept team.

Is Vic Beasley playing with better power?
Swinney: And technique. Vic's a smart guy. It's been a transition for him, but he has, I'd say he's bought in more. He's having fun. He's starting to realize that he can really, truly impact the game. The guy leads our team in sacks and is fifth in the conference and he hasn't played the amount of snaps that some of those guys in front of him have. He's been a very productive guy as a sophomore football player for us. I think he needed a year like this to see his potential. I think he's bought into that. That's going to help him more so in the offseason.

He's 225. He needs to be 245. At 240-245, I think he could be a real electric guy and a force to deal with, more so that he already is, to be an every down type of player, to be more of a factor in the run game and things like that. Right now, he's a factor because he's so active. He's disruptive. He's so fast and can change directions. He has long arms and he's one of the strongest guys on the team. He doesn't have to be 260. You get him at 240 and he's going to play like he's 280, because of the raw strength that he has. Because of that strength, that's what's given him a chance to be effective at 225.

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