The inaugural snaps at tackle

CLEMSON - During last weekend's blowout win over Duke, redshirt freshman Eric Mac Lain received his first career snaps as an offensive tackle.

Mac Lain, who's spent most of his young Clemson career playing tight end, logged "about nine" snaps at left tackle in the fourth quarter against the Blue Devils.

"I got cut short," Mac Lain said, with a smile. "Isaiah [Battle] got reps before me. We went on a three-and-out and we had a quick series right back, so I got cut short. I was upset."

Not too upset, though. The former four-star recruit felt pretty good about his debut in the No. 78 jersey.

"My first play, we double-teamed the three-technique, me and Kalon Davis. We drove him back," Mac Lain said. "That was really good, just for my mindset, getting in there and knowing I could do it right away. It was awesome."

Though most of his playing time on the offensive line came while the game was well in hand, Mac Lain was happy to help pave the way for an offensive performance that came up just a few yards short of a school record.

"Coach [Chad] Morris really challenged us in the middle of the week. He was really seeing if would rise up to it," Mac Lain said. "I think we did outstanding. Everybody pretty much graded out 90 or above. That was just an excellent from everybody overall."

Pushing 275 pounds, he continues to work at three positions; tight end, left tackle and right tackle during the week.

"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, primarily I'm left or right tackle," Mac Lain said. "Usually, we'll do an inside period or a goal line period where I'll have to go back to tight end, just for the different packages. On Thursday, I do all three."

Mac Lain has taken the change head on. He's excited about being a part of Clemson's young, but talented group of offensive tackles.

"It's pretty deep," he said. "It's what I'm really excited for in the winter and spring, for just that competition, just breeding it. We're all going to get better. We're all going to just feed off of each other. It's going to be really fun." Top Stories