QUOTEBOARD: Tigers 45 Terps 10

CLEMSON - Adam Humphries was more than happy to make the first career touchdown catch. Was he frustrated that it took a season and a half for it to happen?


"I'm not really a selfish player. I'm just a role player for this offense and I understand what my duty is," Humphries said. "I'm happy to help the team out however I can. Thankfully, today I got my first touchdown. I'm glad it was in Death Valley."

The 13-yard touchdown reception, the first of three by Tajh Boyd in the 45-10 win over Maryland, was the first touchdown of the game.

"It happened so fast. I can't really describe it. I appreciate Tajh just trusting that I would be there," Humphries said. "He put it out there and I made a pretty good diving catch."

"The last thing I remember is just hearing the crowd scream when I caught it. It was a really cool experience."

Humphries, who caught a game-high five passes, finished with 41 yards. He also returned four punts for 25 yards.

"Adam has kind of earned that and developed his way into a role on this football team," offensive coordinator Chad Morris said. "Really exciting to see what a great catch he made, that first touchdown for him. That was really great to see."

A 28-0 run to open the game…

"There is no doubt we came ready to play. We were ready from The Opening snap. Our players are excited to play every week because we practice the right way. I'm proud of our backups because they showed our depth and took care of business." - Dabo Swinney

"You try to pour it on, hold them accountable and demand, really strain them really hard on the sidelines. In the end, they're looking at the scoreboard, too. We've just got to do a great job of just staying and maintaining our momentum. I thought we did. I was pleased with that." - Morris

"It's very important to just show the country -- any opponent we're just going to come out and dominate. We treat every team the same. We just come out and play our game." - Sammy Watkins


"Obviously, that's an area that'll get your tail beat. We've got to do a better job of taking care of the football, especially down in the red zone." - Morris

"Not a concern, just not characteristic of us. I don't it's a concern to the point where it's like we're going to go jump off a bridge. It's not something we want to do, not want to be known for. Turnovers are just a bad deal all together." - Boyd

"The turnovers, we've got to improve on that. The first one missed the read and laid it on the ground. The second one the guy hit him pretty hard. You can't be spinning around in the red zone there. You've got to get down." - Morris

Scoop and score…

"It was big. I feel real good. That was a special feeling. I hope to get that again, so I can get that feeling again." - Corey Crawford

"It was great to see Corey Crawford get that score. Those of you who paid attention, we all know Corey's had about three opportunities to score and hasn't been able to quite finish it. I think we found, instead of him having to catch, he has to pick it up off the ground, and then we've got a chance." - Swinney

"I just saw that it was in open space, so I picked it up and just ran with it. That's what they tell us. If the ball is in open space and no one is around, by all means scoop it and [go]." - Crawford

"That was awesome. His dad was here today. And I know his mom…was up in heaven watching. It just filled me with a lot of joy to see that young man get in the end zone on homecoming, just awesome." - Swinney

From the DC…

"Let's face it. They have some limitations they're going through, some issues. All that aside, our positioning, our physicality, our consistency that we played with against them -- aggressive, focused, the intensity we brought out there -- we talked all week about focusing on us more than anything else. I thought that was a sign of maturation, good leadership and guys being hungry, not satisfied." - Brent Venables

"We're getting a little bit better week in and week out. Again, they have some limitations, so we weren't stressed in certain areas. We will be the next couple of weeks. We've got to keep a perspective on it and reward the guys for a good, solid effort and get an opportunity to play in the next one." - Venables

Sammy's status…

"It's just a little bruise on my ankle. They just decided to take me out of the game, nothing major." - Watkins

"Sammy got a little strain in his calf. He could have kept playing. He could have come back." - Swinney

"Sometime last week I had a bruise on my ankle. I just reinjured it. It's not that bad." - Watkins

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