Mondays with Morris

CLEMSON - Offensive coordinator Chad Morris discusses the play of Tajh Boyd and the offensive line and looks ahead to Saturday's game versus N.C. State.

Are you surprised at the lack of recognition that Tajh [Boyd] has gotten, nationally, considering some of the numbers that he's put up?
Morris: Yeah, I really am. When you start looking at his passing efficiency and, obviously, the yards he's thrown for, the touchdowns he's thrown for, yes, it's kind of surprised me. He'll get mentioned and then it's kind of like it almost goes away. But all that comes with it. It comes with the territory. We expect Tajh's performance each week to be at the top of his game. Hey, that's all that we can control. We're extremely proud of the way that he's playing. Obviously, we wouldn't be in a situation we're in right now -- the success that we've had -- without his play. It's much better than it was a year ago.

Do you think the team's success in the first half of the last couple of weeks is hurting that?
Morris: I really do. Over the last what, three weeks? He's essentially played a half, just a little bit over a half, not quite three quarters. I do. Maybe that's hurting him a little bit. He isn't getting some of the exposure and recognition. We can't control that. All we can do is control how we play and how we approach each day. All of that other stuff will take care of itself, in due time.

Dabo mentioned David Beasley as a guy who played really well against Maryland.
Morris: Yeah, he did. That was a pleasant surprise. David was due. He had two just average performances the week before. We were really trying to challenge David throughout the course of the last two weeks, not just last week, but the last two weeks. We pulled him out of practice, at times. We were rotating guys in and out there. We had to get his level back up to where it was in fall camp when he was trying to earn a job. That was something I was glad to see. He was our lineman of the week. Well deserved, he probably played the most physical game that he has all year.

How would you assess Giff Timothy's year?
Morris: Giff is getting better. He actually showed a few signs of kind of having some dominating performances out there. As a matter of fact, he showed kind of a hard edge, at times. I had to re-run the film to make sure. That's steps in the right direction there. Those are things we'll commend him on today in our meetings. He's getting better. He's starting to figure it out. Still, we've still got a long way to go. But he's played well over the last few weeks. It's been good to see him gain some confidence. And I'm glad to see that. He's been a pleasant surprise for us this year. He really has.

What's been your take on Martavis Bryant stepping up in Sammy [Watkins'] place on Saturday?
Morris: Martavis, that guy, we all know what kind of talent he is. Just what he brings, he's probably the fastest player on the team, that, with his size -- he's a specimen. He gets out there and when he's in the game, he's got a chance to make a play at any point in time on the field. It's good to see him. He's gaining more confidence and getting more comfortable in his role. He just continues to make big catch after big catch for us.

Defensively, what have you seen from N.C. State on film?
Morris: Very sound, very sound. Coming into last week, we knew what kind of defense Maryland would have. They were very solid. This is a group this week that we're playing, North Carolina State, I'll tell you, they lead the league in sacks. I think they're number seven in the country in sacks. They move their front just about every play. They play a lot of man coverage behind it, which, again, it's kind of been the coverage of the year against us. We're expecting to see a lot of man, a lot of cover-two. They do a really good job of disguising it.

Point blank, they got after our tail last year. They got after us. This is something that will not go unnoticed this week, as we continue to talk about a very sound defensive football team in State, and what they did to us last year. The same record, I think we were 9-1, ranked in the top 10. They embarrassed us. And that's something that our guys, I don't know if they were overlooking the game a year ago or not, it didn't matter. They got after our tail. That's something -- they've got five returning starters from last year's team. They haven't changed their system and what they do. If anything, they move their front more. Top Stories