QUOTEBOARD: Clemson 62 State 48

CLEMSON - Skill guys like Brandon Ford steal most of the headlines when an offense rolls up over 700 yards drops a 60-spot on the scoreboard.

The play by the big uglies on the line usually goes unnoticed.

Tom O'Brien, Dabo Swinney and Chad Morris certainly recognized how well the Clemson's offensive line performed during the Tigers' 62-48 win over N.C. State.

"The thing in my mind -- the play of their offensive line was better than I had anticipated," O'Brien said.

Swinney raved about his guys on the offensive front.

"Our offensive line was awesome. This is the second week in a row we were playing the team that was leading the league in sacks," Swinney said. "Maryland was leading the league in sacks. They got zero sacks. N.C. State was leading the league in sacks this week. They got zero sacks.

"We can talk about all these stats [and] all that stuff. Let me just say: them boys up front and coach Robbie Caldwell are getting it done. I just could not be more pleased with the effort put forth in these last couple of weeks against two very good defenses."

Morris added, "They never flinched. Nobody ever blinked. It was, we got this."

Tajh Boyd does it again…

"You start to expect things from yourself. All of those guys out there beside you are looking at you, to make sure that you're comfortable. Everything I do is for those other guys, in essence, because they look at you. They look at you for comfort." - Boyd

"Tajh was incredible. Tajh, eight touchdowns, an ACC record, 529 yards of total offense, set by Woody Dantzler. He broke that." - Swinney

"I think he's one of the best in the country, if not the best in the country. You see what he's done week in and week out. He's been as consistent as anybody. Tonight, he rushed for over 100 and whatever he had throwing. For what he's done for this team is unbelievable." - Morris

The play by the defense…

"They played with great effort tonight, got some huge stops, a couple of turnovers. We had a number of them in our hands. They put themselves in position to be there. Two huge fourth-down stops that, to me, are like turnovers. A blocked field goal, like another turnover… We had four sacks. Vic Beasley, obviously, had three of them. We had good pressure. Guys got to , the quarterback." - Brent Venables

"It really, actually felt in control. I don't know how that -- we put ourselves in tough position. We gave up almost 300 yards of kick returns and that's a bunch of defensive guys over there, so that's disappointing." - Venables

"We've got to play better. We've got to play a lot better this week, but we made a bunch of big plays in that game to give ourselves a chance." - Venables

Three more sacks Vic Beasley…

"I believe, just knowing when it's a pass down, looking at the tackle's stance gives me a better chance of being able to get off the ball." - Beasley

"He's up there near leading the league now. He's not far off from that record. I'm just really proud of him and what he's been able to accomplish this year. He just seems to just keep getting better." - Swinney

"Vic Beasley over there is a dog. It's kind of hard to block the guy. He just came out and had three sacks tonight, no big deal." - Boyd

Rubbing elbows with NFL stars…

"Ray Lewis spoke to our team this morning. Ray Lewis flew in here. I surprised our team. They were kind of blown away by that, when he stepped out from behind the screen. He spoke to our team for about 20 minutes or so, just did an incredible job, just incredible, the words he had for our players. C.J. [Spiller] was there, as well." - Swinney

"C.J. rode the bus over, led the Tiger Walk. Coming in, it was pretty special. We were sitting together. About the time we hit campus when we were coming around up near Cherry, getting ready to take a right on Perimeter, he just kind of m-- here's a guy leading the league, the NFL in rushing, yards per carry -- he leaned over and he goes, ‘Man, this right here, this is what you miss right here.' That's pretty special." - Swinney

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