Family matters

CLEMSON - About an hour before tipoff, Brad Brownell knew that Devin Booker would be available to play on Wednesday night.

There was plenty of uncertainty regarding the status of the senior forward from Whitmire.

Booker spent most of the last two days with his family after his grandfather suffered a heart attack. He left his grandfather's bedside on Wednesday before returning to Clemson for the ACC/Big 10 Challenge matchup with Purdue.

He finished with 18 points and eight rebounds, both were team highs in the Tigers' 73-61 loss.

"He's had a hard two days," Brownell said.


"Basically, he was on life support," Brownell said.

Brownell didn't learn of Booker's status for Wednesday night's game until shortly before tipoff.

"I really did not know until about 6 o'clock that he was coming back. It was touch and go whether he would even come back," Brownell said. "I thought he competed very hard, probably played the best and hardest out of anybody on our team tonight."

For Booker, it was an emotional game.

"It was definitely a tough day. I just came home from seeing my grandfather in the hospital, so I had to make the trip back on the same day," he said. "I didn't really have too much time to prepare or really scout them very much, just kind of jumping into this game." Top Stories