Terry's set on one school

Tramel Terry has been quiet for the past few months trying to decide if Clemson or Georgia was the right fit for him.

After multiple visits, numerous phone calls, and a lot of thinking, Terry's mind is made up.

Tramel Terry originally committed to Georgia at Dawg Night in 2011. After a few months, he realized he rushed into that decision. Many felt at that time South Carolina would be a real threat to the Dawgs.

He checked out Columbia numerous times, but he then re-committed to Georgia in March of this year.

Then he showed up at Clemson for a summer camp and he then took an official visit to Clemson in the fall.

The Tigers became a real player in Terry's recruitment and he went back and forth for weeks, but he has decided to stay with the Bulldogs.

"I just called everything off with Clemson," Terry told Scout Sunday night. "I called Coach [Tony] Elliot and I told him I was sticking with Georgia. It was a very tough phone call to make because I really like Coach Elliot. He has recruited me well, but this was something I had to do."

Terry did not want the drama that his recruitment led to over the past couple of months, but Clemson really gave him a lot to think about and they had a lot he liked.

"I was going back and forth between Clemson and Georgia the last couple of weeks. I really felt I fit into Clemson's offense perfectly and I had to really look at them.

"With what I do on the field, I felt I could have been a perfect fit into what they do. They would have used me well and that is why I had to look at them so hard."

The no. 1 prospect in the Palmetto State has been a fan of Georgia for some time and the connection he has with UGA helped them hold off the Tigers.

"I knew Georgia was for me inside my heart. I grew up loving Georgia, I have a great relationship with the coaches there, I know so many in this recruiting class, and I knew Friday that Georgia was where I needed to be.

"I really made my final decision on Friday. I just let my mind think too much sometimes and I thought I wasn't too important to Georgia sometimes, but I know that is not true.

"Georgia wants me and I know that is where I need to be."

He knew UGA was in his heart Saturday evening too. Terry watched the SEC Championship Game closely and he felt the loss like the current Bulldog players did.

"It was tough and it really hurt me when Georgia lost that game," he said. "I felt it when Georgia lost that game and I want to get there and help them win that game in the future. I still hurt about the loss, but we are going to change that at UGA."

He has been talking to numerous Georgia commitments in recent days and he talked for a lone time with Tray Matthews on Saturday night.

The two talked about getting to Athens together in January and helping Georgia get over that hump and to win the SEC in the future.

The 5-foot-11, 190 pound Scout300 athlete likes the role he is going to play at Georgia.

"They are going to use me all over the field. I am not just a wide receiver, but I am a running back too. They plan to use me on jet sweeps, put me in motion to work out of the slot, and to do a lot of different things. I am excited about it."

He may be excited about his future role in Mike Bobo's offense, but he is more excited about having the recruiting process officially behind him.

"This is my first big decision as a man and I am glad it is overwith. I am growing up and I will have many more decisions to make, but this was my first one, and this was tough.

"I know I am going to be very happy in Athens, I am excited about the future there, and I plan to be on the field next fall. I could not feel better than I do right now with this all behind me."

Terry did have two in-home visits scheduled this week before his signing party, but now he has only one.

"I have canceled my visit with Coach Swinney and Clemson that was set for Thursday. I will be visiting with Coach Richt and a lot of the Georgia coaches on Wednesday and that is it for me.

"I will then have a signing part for my mom Friday and it will be all about Georgia."

Terry will play in the Shrine Bowl and Under Armour All-America game before enrolling at UGA in January.

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