End of the line

CLEMSON - Malliciah Goodman has logged over 2,000 snaps at defensive end during his four-year Clemson career.

The senior from Florence, who's played 2,023 snaps, hopes to make the most of the remaining few he has left.

"This is it. You've got to have your best preparation -- your best foot forward -- just give everything you've got," Goodman said. "This is the last game I have where I'm at Clemson. I'm going to make it memorable, exciting and fun."

To make he and the rest of his teammates are at their best in Georgia Dome against LSU, it's going to take a solid few weeks of preparation.

Just last week, Dalton Freeman suggested that team's preparation before the Orange Bowl may not have been up to standard. At the West End Zone on Tuesday afternoon, Goodman agreed.

"I think the focus was a little off," he said.

Not many students stick around town during winter break. Clemson turns into a bit of a ghost town.

"I think, bowl practice, you're here when all the students aren't here. When no other students are here, it's kind of boring," Goodman said. "So you're just like, ‘I want to go home.' Some people just kind of get unfocused.

"You've just got to keep riding those guys, keep them on that straight path to achieve our goal."

That goal is to finish the season just like they started it, with a win over the Tigers.

Almost four months to the day after opening the 2012 season with a 26-19 win over Auburn, Clemson is set to due battle with LSU.

"We started in Atlanta and we'll finish in Atlanta. Hopefully, we'll finish strong in Atlanta," Goodman said. "That's our goal. That's what we're aiming at right now."

Achieving that goal would make it win No. 36 for Clemson since Goodman first stepped onto the field as a freshman in 2009.

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