Freeman's Take: LSU

CLEMSON - Dalton Freeman talks about the importance of beating LSU in the New Year's Eve showdown against LSU.

You get to go against an offensive line that looks pretty good.
Freeman: Yeah, very good, very talented. We're excited about the opportunity. This game definitely has a BCS-type feel to it. It will probably be, if not the biggest non-BCS game, the biggest non-BCS game.

What about the whole physical brand of football deal? I guess you'll get as good a test against these guys as you've had all year.
Freeman: Yeah, this is a great opportunity for us. They're a national contender each and every year. For us to go out and prove we are who we say we are, these are the games we need to win, to be able to put ourselves on that consistent basis.

Is it almost more interesting getting ready for a team that's been on a high level?
Freeman: We know that we're going to have to prepare the best that we've ever prepared, and play one of our better games to compete with these guys. It's a great opportunity for us. As I mentioned, for us to become the consistent program and contender every year that we're trying to become, we need to win these games.

Do you feel like the loss to South Carolina has given the perception that y'all are still an inconsistent program?
Freeman: No, not at all. I think that we are becoming a more consistent program. That's obvious, if you look back at our track record, especially over the last two years. To get to where we want to be, national contenders, such as LSU and Alabama, teams like that that are in the mix every single year, we need to win games like this, to get on that level.

How does this defensive line matchup with South Carolina and Florida State's?
Freeman: Very similar, they don't have anybody on their team that doesn't raise an eyebrow. It's a national contender team, who were one or two games away from playing for the whole dance, just as we are. So it's going to be a great opportunity for us.

Do they tend to four-man rush like South Carolina did? Or do they tend to throw a lot of guys at you?
Freeman: They'll do a little bit of everything. I think, they kind of believe they can blitz and play in man on the outside, because they're that talented. But, at the same time, they'll drop and believe their guys up front can beat you with 1-on-1 matchups, just a great team with a lot of talent.

Have you played against Sam Montgomery at all?
Freeman: Yeah, he played down at Greenwood High School. I thought we had a shot to get him here. He's a heck of player down at LSU. We had a couple of guys play against him in high school and speak very highly of him.

That's not a guy you'll end up blocking.
Freeman: They'll do some stunts and stuff. He's not quite the hybrid that [Jadeveon] Clowney was, where he lines up inside and do all kinds of different stuff. They even put Clowney at linebacker. [Montgomery] will mix around a little bit, but I probably won't get my hands on him much. Top Stories