Superstars' perspective

CLEMSON - Two of the faces of the Clemson football program don't have a problem with Chad Morris desire to climb the ladder.

Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins understand that their offensive coordinator is ambitious. They know Morris, who's been an offensive coordinator at the collegiate level for the last three seasons, wants to be a head coach.

Earlier this week, it seemed that Morris was about to regain that title. Most believed that he was the leading candidate for the Texas Tech job that was vacated by Tommy Tuberville. Morris was also linked to the N.C. State job.

"It would be disappointing if nobody wanted him," Boyd said. "It's like a recruit coming out of high school. You want all of these schools to come offer you.

"If you're getting all these opportunities, all these coaches calling you and all theses ADs calling you, at the same time, you know you're doing your job, doing what you're supposed to do."

Watkins shared the same perspective.

"Too many other coaches don't get the opportunity to fight for a head coaching job. That should be every coach's dream, to get a head coaching job," Watkins said. "So I wouldn't have been too upset if he left. It's business."

Morris, who hasn't been made available to the media since the night of the South Carolina game, spoke with the Clemson website after Wednesday night's practice.

"As anyone does in their profession, if someone calls -- have aspirations to move up or be a head coach one day, which I do, eventually, when that time is right -- you listen," he said.

The second-year assistant said he and his family are "extremely happy" in Clemson.

"We love Clemson, my [family]…we love Clemson," Morris said. "We know it would take a very special, unique situation to get us out of here, because of that commitment level that they made, but you have to listen. I did that.

"It wasn't the right time. It was the right fit. We're happy to be where we are and look forward to the bowl game."

And Boyd looks forward to having Morris as his coach for at least one more game.

"I think it's a good day for Clemson. I feel like he's doing what's best for him and this team as well," Boyd said. "I guess he thought the best decision was to stay here, so we're very proud of the fact that he loves it here and wants to be here." Top Stories